Dance Manila

Dance Manila

BODY WARS 2010: Choreography-Based Results!

Posted: 31 Jan 2010 03:54 PM PST


ASAP XV Dance Supahstars Audition on February 2, 2010

Posted: 30 Jan 2010 07:53 PM PST

ASAP XV!!! Be the country's next dance supahstars! Auditions at Planet Jupiter Studio makati. male and female 14 to 20 years old On Feb 2, 2010 – with good looks! 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Bring a copy of your birth certificate, bio-data, head shot and full body shot photos and your audition music to [...]
NFL GridIron Gab Daily Digest

NFL GridIron Gab Daily Digest

Link to NFL Gridiron Gab

Dolphins Weekly Rumor Mill

Posted: 30 Jan 2010 08:04 PM PST

This past week has featured not only the Dolphins coaching staff teaching the seniors from the South the ropes of what will be to come in the NFL, and Yeremiah Bell and Dan Carpenter practicing with the best of the best in the NFL, but also there has been some mild rumors swirling regarding some defensive players that are on the Dolphins, and around the league.

From Joey Porter reportedly not wanting to come back, to Jason Taylor undecided on his future. One thing is certain. One of the two pass specialists will not be back next year, and the way Porter is bringing the media into this, I think it is safe to say that “Peezy” will not be the one “ordering players back to the sidelines who come to sub in for him.”

The Dolphins have reportedly been walking around on eggshells for a rather long time here regarding this issue. And untrue to form, it seems that the Trifecta has been letting Porter take advantage of them in this situation.

Since when has Bill Parcells, or Tony Sparano for that matter, been known to let their own players control what they do on gameday? Especially during a season that was shaky to say the least.

I applaud the Dolphins and Joey for somehow keeping this under raps, despite the one game suspensions on Porter midway through the season.

Joey Porter may not be back next year because of his media antics

Joey Porter may not be back next year because of his media antics

The news that Joey said on a radio show in his hometown of Bakersfield, California, that he does not want to be back in a Dolphins uniform next year, was rather shocking, considering the fact that Porter has NO room to come out and make those kinds of demands after the inconsistent season that he has had.

Porter only had 9 sacks this year, and 34 tackles, both steps down from his stat-line last year. Porter also had only one forced fumble this year, three less than his four last year.

With that being said, does any player have the right to pretty much demand their way off of a team? What kind of leadership does that show the other, younger players on the team? Porter was thought of to the younger players as an elder to look up to for guidance, and leadership. And now he goes and does this? I do not think that there is any reason for the Dolphins to keep him around, and are only saying that they are still on the fence about it to keep what is left of his trade value.

With all of the drama of whether Joey Porter will be back next year or not, what was lost in translation somewhat was the fact that Jason Taylor may, or may not, be back next year.

JT has given mixed signals so far this week, saying to the Associated Press that he would like to return next year, specifically to the Dolphins, but only hours later, saying this to the Miami Herald’s Jeff Darlington:

“I never close the door, so I’m not going to be committal here on anything,” Taylor said. “I’m enjoying my time now. When the time comes, if teams want to start talking to free agents, it will be time to talk.”

What I think this means, is that Jason is willing to wait and see if the Dolphins bring Porter back, or not. I cannot imagine that Taylor will be willing to play second fiddle to Porter for what will likely be his last year in the league. Taylor did not enjoy that very much last year, as the Dolphins chose to slide Taylor to the strongside linebacker position, instead of his natural post, the weakside linebacker (this is where Porter lined up).

Jason Taylors future as a Dolphin may depend on what happends with Porter.

Jason Taylor's future as a Dolphin may depend on what happends with Porter.

In Jason’s mind, I’m sure that he wants to end his career where it started, in Miami, but I think at this point in his career, he is not willing to swallow his pride to play a position that is not what his whole career is all about. Jason is a weakside pass rushing beast, and while he may have improved in the run game this year, he is known for his pass rushing prowess.

If the decision were up to me, I would pick Taylor over Porter for several reasons, one being they are both pass rushing beasts, but also because Taylor provides better leadership while also providing some of the emotion that we would be missing if Porter would be to be let go.

The final rumor that has been circulating around the league this week has been of that possible free agent defensive tackle, Vince Wilfork of the New England Patriots.

Wilfork stated this week that he would like to come down to play for a Florida team, most notably, the Miami Dolphins, or Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Wilfork may be doing his dance somewhere else next season, but will it be Miami?

Wilfork may be doing his dance somewhere else next season, but will it be Miami?

Tampa Bay would make sense for a possible landing spot, but if Wilfork’s only way out of New England was  a trade, there would be no way that the Patriots would trade away arguably their best defensive player to their division rival, who they play twice a year. So I guess you can throw the idea of Wilfork lining up in the teal and white next year into the trashcan.

The Dolphins have some decisions to make regarding their defensive unit, even before free agency starts, and what they get in return, whether it be in trading Joey Porter, or letting Jason Taylor retire, and trading Porter, will be the final stepping stone in how we judge the Dolphins final needs before the draft, and how they will go after some defensive depth on the free agent market.

Eagles to Look to Trade Vick Before the 2010 Season?

Posted: 30 Jan 2010 06:34 PM PST

The Philadelphia Daily News reports that it looks as if Mike Vick won’t be back in 2010, as he’s due to make $5 mil next season, and if he’s not going have a much bigger role on the team, there’s no reason to have him sitting the bench making more than a number of bigger players on the team.

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, who wants another starting opportunity in the NFL and is scheduled to make $5 million next season, almost certainly won’t be back. A league source confirmed to the Daily News that head coach Andy Reid already assured Vick he will trade him before the April draft. Its unlikely the Eagles will pick up Vick’s $5 Million option in 2010.

There’s quite a few teams that will take a look at Vick if he hits the open market, like the Rams, Raiders and possibly even the Cardinals now that Kurt Warner has retired. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Vick, and if he will be able to be a starter elsewhere.

Ravens Hire Former Skins Coach Zorn as Their QB Coach

Posted: 30 Jan 2010 06:27 PM PST


This just in…

The Ravens have hired Jim Zorn as their quarterbacks coach, coach John Harbaugh told The Baltimore Sun on Saturday.

"Jim played successfully in the league for a long time," Harbaugh said, "and certainly understands what an NFL quarterback goes through. He has been an NFL quarterback coach, NFL head coach and is familiar with our offense. That's a great resume for us."

Harbaugh added, "I've gotten to know Jim the last couple of years and I'm impressed with him as a person. He's a good, kind and decent man. He's an exciting addition to our staff."

Certainly I've heard enough from my Redskins friends about how awful Mr. Zorn was in his capacity as Head Coach. But I think this could work out as a fine move.

Zorn was already a QB coach in Seattle where he helped advance the career of Matt Hasselbeck to franchise highs in passing. I think he may be able to help Joe get to thenext level in his development.

Bengals LB Maualuga Looking At Fine; No Suspension Likely

Posted: 30 Jan 2010 09:29 AM PST

More details are trickling in relative to Rey Maualuga’s DUI arrest early Friday morning. Per, Maualuga hit two cars and a parking meter at 1:45 AM. Per Geoff Hobson at

An NFL spokesman said Friday that according to the league's substance abuse program a first offense for an alcohol-related violation, absent aggravating circumstances, is generally a fine of two game checks up to a maximum of $50,000.

Good news. And then there’s this:

Under the NFL's conduct policy, a first offense doesn't usually result in a suspension

Do you think Jim Lippencott is getting Odell Thurman on the phone?


Report Says Pats WR Welker Was Ready to Approach Team to Re-Do Deal

Posted: 30 Jan 2010 09:22 AM PST

The Providence Journal reports that Wes Welker sure had reason to be upset, as it looked like he was going to get a new deal done at some point this offseason.

On the bench after limping off the field, television cameras caught Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker crying, fully aware that his season was over, and likely aware that his 2010 season was in jeopardy after suffering a torn ACL and MCL, as well. There may have been another reason for his anguish, there is speculation that Welker was preparing to approach the Patriots about re-negotiating the team-friendly five-year, $16.9-million contract he signed with the club in 2007, and clearly the chance to do so has been lost. Now a two-time Pro Bowl selection with an NFL-best 346 receptions over the last three seasons, Welker has clearly outplayed his contract.

Former Rams Coach Mike Martz to Talk to the Bears About Their OC Job

Posted: 30 Jan 2010 06:48 AM PST

This is the potential candidate we have.  First he disses on Jay Cutler.  Then before the door even hits Ron Turner in the behind he expresses his interest in a position that's not even open yet.  Then after the position becomes open, he waits….no call…he waits…no call.  Then he says he's just ready to move on.  Now he's at Hallas Hall interviewing for the position.

Mike Martz - Former Head Coach of St. Louis!Mike Martz – Former Head Coach of St. Louis!

If you don't know who I'm talking about you didn't read the title of this post and you haven't followed the Bears coaching debacle.

I'm talking about Mike Martz interviewing today for the offensive coordinators position.

As much as I am disappointed with the Bears organization over the past 3 seasons culminating in my frustration watching the coaching search.  I like the idea of Martz coming to Chicago.  I like his approach to the passing game.  Pass often, to lots of receivers, with multiple receiver sets.

I think he could bring some sophistication and some innovativeness to the offense that has been lacking for the better part of 24 years.

I do have my concerns though.

  1. How is this going to work with a run happy offensive line coach?
  2. How is he going to work with the QB that he dissed on (Poor Jay)?
  3. How is going to work for a former subordinate in Lovie Smith?
  4. How many washed up ex head coaches are going to be on our staff?

That last point really hits home.  Mike Tice….former head coach with not too great a record.  Rod Marinelli….former head coach with not too great a record.  Mike Martz…former head coach…great record…with a Super Bowl ring.

It used to be said that Chicago is where receivers go to die (thanks Muhsin Muhammad).  Is it now that Chicago is where Head Coaches go to die?  If this season doesn't pan out, that could be the reality.

Saints Peyton Feels Media Is Overblowing Comments By Williams

Posted: 30 Jan 2010 06:36 AM PST

You knew there had to be some headlines somewhere as the long week in between the Super Bowl is finally over, and the big story seems to be the comments Gregg Williams made to a radio station about how the club wants to hit Peyton Manning.

Well, Manning and the Colts have not replied all that much to those Williams statements, but Saints coach Sean Peyton says today that the national media is making way too much of those comments.

Saints Coach Sean Payton said the national media is making too much out of the “remember me” comments defensive coordinator Gregg Williams made to a Nashville radio station about how the Saints want to hit Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning. Williams, whose defense has battered Kurt Warner and Brett Favre in the playoffs, told the radio station that the Saints plan to rattle Manning by hitting him at every opportunity with the hope of knocking the league MVP out of the game. “This guy’s got a great clock in his head,” Williams told 104.5 The Zone.

“The big thing is that he throws the ball so early that we’re going to have to do a good job of finding ways to get to him, and when we do get to him we’re going to have to make sure he gets a couple ‘remember me’ shots when we get there.” Payton said the comments were no big deal. “I think both defensive lines want to get to the quarterback,” Payton said. “That starts in training camp. So yeah, I think much is made of that. Obviously we want to have a good pass rush and get pressure on the quarterback. I think that’s a great example of Super Bowl week.”

Steelers NT Hampton Says Franchise Tag Would be a “Slap in my Face”

Posted: 30 Jan 2010 06:28 AM PST

Upcoming Steeler free agent Casey Hampton is already talking about the issues that will take place if the Steelers decide to do what a lot of experts think they will – place the franchise tag on him. Hampton went so far to say it’s a “slap in my face.”

Nose tackle Casey Hampton said Friday “it will be a problem” if the Steelers use a franchise tag and offer him a one-year contract instead of signing the accomplished veteran to a multi-year deal. “You say we’re family, and you’ll take care of me. All I’ve done for this organization, and I feel like that’s a slap in my face if you franchise me,” Hampton told the Tribune-Review following a Pro Bowl practice at St. Thomas Aquinas High School. “That’s not right. You don’t do business like that. I want to be treated fair, and I think franchising me is not fair.” A franchise tag would essentially prevent Hampton from hitting the open market when the free agent signing period begins March 5. Hampton didn’t elaborate when asked if he would skip offseason practices – most of which are voluntary – or hold out of training camp should the Steelers use a franchise tag on him. “It will be an issue,” he said. “I told (the Steelers) that.”

This is gonna fall clearly on Hampton and what he feels he’s worth. The Steelers have already said they want to keep Hampton, and it’s gonna be up to the big guy if he’s willing to take what will probably be a slightly smaller yet fair deal from the Steelers, or a deal from some other team that will overpay, but where he’ll not have as much success as in Pittsburgh.

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