The Joy of Fly Fishing in New Brunswick

The Joy of Fly Fishing in New Brunswick

Smallmouth Bass Fishing And One Brook Trout

Posted: 05 Jun 2013 03:53 AM PDT

casey's boatI was so happy to take a day off from building our first hugelkultur bed to go fishing with Casey. He's so much more fun than that big hole I dug in our backyard.

I think I should have tried a bit harder to find a couple of strong guys to help me did that sucker as it's taken me weeks longer than I thought it would take.

Hoping to get it completely today or tomorrow and get some wild flowers planted on it.  It's outside my office window so I'm hoping to see lots of butterflies and hummingbirds enjoying my hard work.

Let's Start With New Horton Lake

I love New Horton lake as it's a beautiful spot but it can get quite choppy rather quickly so it's best to fish here in the morning and then move to a more protected area to do some fishing, like the river at Riverside Albert.

I really like the shoreline at the back end of the lake as it's really rocky and towers over the lake. The rock is split and shattered from thousands of years of freezing and thawing. It amazes me that trees can stay standing.

new horton lake

What!? Casey Gets The First Fish, Again

caseyCasey's getting real good at getting the first fish of the day lately. This day he even caught the second fish, long before I saw my first fish of the day.

Years ago I fished the brook that leads into the New Horton lake and have had some good feeds of brook trout. One year I caught my limit of brookies on opening day and never had to move my feet. It was about the best day of trout fishing I've even had. All the brookies were 12" and 13" and tasted so good.

I've never caught a trout in the lake though, well not until after Casey caught his first two bass. I was casting right to the shoreline expecting a smallie so you can imagine how surprised I was when I landed my first every New Horton lake brook trout.

Sandy Shoreline Seemed To Be The Pattern

casey drives on his tailerAs we were coming up one side of the lake I saw a sandy beach the wind was blowing against. I made a cast in that direction, getting as close to the shoreline as I could. I was telling Casey that I had caught my biggest bass ever fishing a spot just like this while I was on Harvey lake. Just as I said it I had a bass smack my lure.

From that moment on I focused on any spot I saw that had a sandy section and managed to land about a dozen smallmouth bass, no more trout though.

By this time the water was getting a little choppy and it was time to see if we could get some trout in the river. Casey backed his trailer into the water and rather than get in the water to get the boat on the trailer he just got back in the boat and drove it on. Now that get's the job done faster.

The Boat Launch At Riverside Albert

catching troutWe usually launch the boat at the launch under the bridge at Riverside Albert but there were a couple of vehicles there already so we went to the boat launch near the Riverside Albert School. I didn't even know there was a boat launch there.

We fished up and down the river for a few hours without any takers. We did see a couple of guys in a boat. I think they owned one of the vehicles at the bridge.

They had been there most of the day and only had one trout each but they were nice looking rainbows.

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