The Joy of Fly Fishing in New Brunswick

The Joy of Fly Fishing in New Brunswick

Shediac Bay Ice Fishing With Casey

Posted: 11 Jan 2013 02:56 AM PST

ice fishing shediac bay new brunswickCasey and I headed to Shediac Bay yesterday to do a little ice fishing, without a fishing hut, like we had last year. The weather guy said it was suppose to right around the zero mark which did sound too bad.

Then yesterday morning they added the fact the winds would gust to 50Km/h and I was starting to wonder about it. I've never fished through the ice without a hut around me.

I think it took Casey less than 5 minutes to bore two holes through the ice using his handy dandy two cylinder armstrong ice fishing auger. He had just put brand new blades on it and it cut through the ice like butta.

I'm sure that big big bowl of oatmeal and bananas he had for breakfast gave him a boost in energy.

It was fun to see someone had put up a tepee on the ice.

tepee on shediac bay

As we walked out on the ice I looked across the bay to the Point du Chene wharf. If I didn't know it was there I wouldn't have recognized it because it was so far away. I could barely see the lighthouse so I put a circle around it.

shediac wharf in the distance
The lighthouse is in the white circle.

Then I started zooming in using my trusty Canon VIXIA digital camcorder. The other digital cameras I've owned would take good images but sucked when I used the zoom. Without a tripod they would just be a blur. But I didn't need a tripod to get the image below and I've never been able to do that, ever.

shediac wharf in the distance2

building a fish hut on shediac bayOther than the tepee I only saw two other fish huts although there were two guys who had started building a fish hut but once they got the floor done they stopped, drilled a couple of holes and started fishing.

We talked to them and the one guy said they would finish it on Saturday.

Backs To The Wind

casey ice fishing shediac bayWhat little snow was left on the ice was frozen so the high winds didn't cause a snow storm or it may have been miserable out there with no protection.

It only took a few minutes to get setup and we were fishing. But before we were ready to sit on them the wind sent them flying. I think that was the fastest I've moved in 10 years but they didn't get away from me.

As we were sitting there with our backs to the wind I was thinking I should have thought about where Casey was cutting the holes. If I had him cut the hole right I could have used him as a wind block.

I usually take dozens of pictures but this day I didn't really want to take my gloves off so I only took a few and I didn't want to face the wind so I only took pictures I could take with my back to the wind.

sky clouds and sun

I can't remember a day the wind pushed the clouds across the sky so fast. It was like the sun was a strobe light.

After a couple of hours with no action we packed things up and headed back to the truck. Before we came back to Moncton we drove along the bay and checked out a couple of other spots to see if people were out but didn't see another soul.


We did see two other fish huts but they weren't even together. So it doesn't appear that many have their huts out yet. Maybe they know something we weren't aware of, like when the fish show up. Ha

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