Dance Manila

Dance Manila

Kicks Dance Studio: Back To Dance Off-Summer Workshop

Posted: 28 Jun 2012 10:20 PM PDT

Kicks Dance Studio brings you.. a Back-to-Dance off summer workshops with guest choreographers CHIPS BELTRAN (Choreographer UPeepz: RX CHAMPS, Showtime Campus Clash and Tha Project: Official rep of Phils for World Hiphop Adult), JOLO DESIDERIO (Break’N Southside Year 2 and Zurfai Battle Old School Category CHAMPION, Member Soulstice Crew: R16 Southeast Asia Semi-Finalists, Tha Project, [...]
Dance Manila

Dance Manila

Throwdown: Dance Competition 2012

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 09:58 PM PDT

Think you got the moves? Your group might just take the lead in the dancefloor. Sign up now!

The UPrising: Fundraising Concert [07.07.12]

Posted: 27 Jun 2012 09:53 PM PDT

This is no ordinary revolution. This is The UPrising! Watch the UP Streetdance Club and The Crew’s fundraising concert for the 2012 World HipHop Dance Championship! JULY 7. 7pm. SM Marikina Open Grounds. Tickets pre-selling at Php250. Contact any UPSDC Worlds team member for tickets and inquiries!
Dance Manila

Dance Manila

Louie Canaria Choreography

Posted: 26 Jun 2012 07:54 PM PDT
Dance Manila

Dance Manila

DAS: Benefit Dance Workshop

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 09:36 PM PDT

The Joy of Fly Fishing in New Brunswick

The Joy of Fly Fishing in New Brunswick

Hello James, Up For A Bit of Smallmouth Fishing This Evening?? DUH!!

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 04:27 AM PDT

bass fishing lures

Had the opportunity to go smallmouth bass fishing on the Cannan river with Jamie last evening and had a great time as usually.

I was a little concerned as I only remember I didn't think about bringing any rain gear until we were on the road and it started raining. Just got to excited about going fishing I guess, so much like a kid, a sixty year old kid at that.

I never stopped chattering from the time he picked me up until the time he dropped me back off at in Moncton. But then again he only called a half hour before he picked me up so I had not time to calm down. Okay the truth is I do talk an awful lot.

Jamie and I have fished on the Cannan together a few times but this time he took me to a new starting point. I love it when people take me fishing and I learn of new spots.

We walked through a farmers field to get to the spot and I was reminded of trout fishing on Smith's Creek near Sussex, New Brunswick. And getting out and walking back we just headed across another farmer's field to the road and walked back to the car on the road which reminded me of fishing Stoney Creek Brook and taking the train tracks back to the vehicle.

It's much easier than fighting your way back up stream at the end of the day and so much quicker.

Jamie and friend Glenn had been fishing the Cannan last Sunday but they came with their fly rods.

It's so much fun smallie fishing with the fly rod. We decided to take our spinning gear and will give the fly rod a try another day. I had to save my fly casting arm for gardening this week.

fish on

Once we were through the field and the row of trees along the river bank we were ready to start fishing.

Jamie had been telling me about the hundreds and maybe thousands of shade that were in the river so I was kind of hoping I would hook into one to see what kind of a fight they would put up.

I thought I had one on because I knew it wasn't a smallmouth bass but it was still putting up a bit of a fight, just not much of a fight. I thought it was a shade and immediately thought they weren't such great fighters. Turns out it was a fat old chub.

I saw a few jumping around like salmon but never managed to hook any.

Then Jamie had a strike right next to the shore line where there was a bit grass hanging over the water. Love those spots. It didn't hang on so he cast back in just as I made a cast on my side of the river.

first smallmouthI yelled "Come On Fish!!" as soon as his lure hit the water and it was hilarious that at that exact time a big old smallmouth smacked my popper and the fight was on.

No it wasn't Jamie's fish, he was too far away. But it sure was fun as he was a great fighter and jumped clear out of the water to give us a look. Jamie caught the image above just as he went back into the water.

I had smallie #1 for the evening. So far, James, 1 fat chub and 1 nice smallmouth bass. Jamie, one strike, no fish.

We saw a couple of baby Sand Piper, I think, swimming to shore to run away with Mom. They were so tiny they were hard to see on the water or on the stones as the tried to catch up with Mom.

cannan river turtleThen I was walking along and notice a rock was moving across the bottom. Hey hold on rocks don't usually move all by themselves, so I looked closer. It was dirty Cannan river turtle on the bottom getting out of my way.

Forgive the poor quality image but this guy was under two feet or more of water I had just stir up. After taking a few picture he turned toward me so I got out of his way and moved on.

A few more Shade jumped and we kept moving and fishing every point on the river.  I had a couple of pickerel dart out, leaving a nice wake, but didn't want the popper enough to smack it. They were the only fish I saw coming from the bank. The fish I saw and caught all seemed to be just about 30 feet from shore.

Then BAM another strike. It was another chub but hey it fought well and it was a fish. I would rather it was a big ole bass but… James, 2 chub, 1 smallie. Jamie, still waiting.

second smallieI fished a little further and hooked into another smallie. He liked to jump just like the first one and was a lot of fun, maybe not quite the fight the first guy had but he's half the size.

I don't mind them jumping as it makes it more exciting. It's a drag when they jump and get off but I'm not in a tournament and still get the fun. Although I did land this guy meaning…

James, 2 nice smallmouth bass, 2 fat chub and a turtle sighting. Jamie, well I was thinking I might be walking home.

I would love to have had a stick bait with me as the water was perfect for walking the dog lures. I have to get out and pick a couple up. Smallies and chain pickerel love smacking top water stick baits.

I think I should mention and thank Jamie for letting me use one of his poppers. It did a great job. I had only brought one popper and it didn't get any action. Glad Jamie was willing to go fishless this day just so I could have a great time. Thanks Buddy.

Dance Manila

Dance Manila

OBSERVASIAN [07.20.12]

Posted: 24 Jun 2012 10:18 PM PDT

THREE awesome dance companies. ONE epic night. For the first time in Lasallian history, the La Salle Dance Company – Contemporary together with the College of St. Benilde's Romancion and the National University of Singapore Dance Ensemble will share the stage on one amazing evening that you just CANNOT miss! SAVE THE DATE! July 20, [...]

Not Just Dance

Posted: 24 Jun 2012 10:16 PM PDT

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