The Joy of Fly Fishing in New Brunswick

The Joy of Fly Fishing in New Brunswick

Windy Weather on the Water

Posted: 31 May 2010 05:32 AM PDT

I work from home and spend a lot of time in my little office staring into our backyard and day dreaming about fishing, errr I mean working my online business.

Usually when I look out my office window my mind always goes to fishing and what it would be like at that exact moment. Well over the past week all I could think was just how windy it was and how tough it would be to fish pickerel in the weeds.

I can’t remember that last time the wind blew for a week like it has been. Even today I am looking out the window and it’s even windier than it was yesterday while we were fishing.

The Wind Sucks or Should I Say BLOWS

I really don’t mind fishing in the wind. It keeps the bugs at away most of the time and makes the heat easier to deal with.

I don’t like the wind when I am fly fishing, in a canoe or doing both. I especially don’t like the wind when I am fishing chain pickerel in the weeds, which is the only way I like to fish pickerel.

Can’t Let A Little Wind Stop Us From Fishing

Jamie and I didn’t let the wind stop us from giving the pickerel and the weeds a try, so yesterday we headed out for a day on the water. Great exercise trying to control the canoe in that wind, the anchor helped a few times.

We worked hard but we did get a lot of action in the moments that wind let up. It only took about 2 minutes after the wind stopped for the water in the weeds to calm and the action started right up.

Of course it also only took 2 minutes for the action to stop once the wind picked up again.

When we started from Moncton we kind of expected the day to be rainy, which we were prepared for but instead it just got windier.

We tried to get to a couple of spots that would have given us some protection from the wind but we couldn’t get there because of the white-caps. The waves were just large enough to make it un-safe so we stayed where we were.

We spent the day moving from one location to another, always looking for spots the wind was not effecting.

Our day ended a few hours sooner than any other time we have gone fishing but all in all it was still a great day, just a lot more work than most fishing days.

We were actually home before day. Heck we don’t usually leave the water until it’s dark.

While we were in one spot I saw a maple tree that had far more maple keys than leaves. It was a strange looking tree.


Forgive the fact the picture is a bit out of focus. It was so windy it was hard to take a picture from the canoe but I am sure you can see the amount of red, well that’s all maple keys.

I think our next trip out is going to be for smallmouth bass. I used to have a little hot spot, but I haven’t fished it since my heart attack in 2004. However I am pretty sure it’s still holding a lot of nice bass.

Dance Manila

Dance Manila

Pole stars Philippines: The 2nd Edition of the International Pole Dance Competition

Posted: 31 May 2010 05:29 PM PDT

Pole stars Philippines: The 2nd Edition of the International Pole Dance Competition Get ready as the Pole Stars Philippines brings back the International Pole Dance Competition! For its 2nd edition, it will be held on Makati's hottest and most famous venue, Divino-Makati. International Pole Dancers will come to compete and be judged by top pole [...]
NFL GridIron Gab Daily Digest

NFL GridIron Gab Daily Digest

Link to NFL Gridiron Gab

Cowboys OC Jason Garrett Falling out of Favor in Big D?

Posted: 30 May 2010 08:34 PM PDT

Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett could be on the hot seat this season if the team doesn’t deliver offensively. Kevin Sherrington of the Dallas Morning News writes that while Garrett is being groomed as the team’s next head coach, he could fall out of favor. Sherrington writes that the general feeling seems to be that Garrett will be the next head coach, and Sherrington’s got no reason to argue with that. He has all the weapons now, if the offensive line holds up. If the offense doesn’t deliver this year, Sherrington could see Garrett falling from favor.

Pat White: Dolphins “Slash” a Secret Weapon in 2010?

Posted: 30 May 2010 08:17 PM PDT

Pat White could be the secret weapon for the Dolphins in 2010, as reports from sources say that he’s put on 18 pounds of muscle this offseason, and is looking great according to coach Tony Sparano.

“Pat has done a great job right now,” Sparano said via the team's website. “His offseason has been outstanding. The guy has put an awful lot of time in, I mean he really has. I mean all of these quarterbacks have to their credit. But, I'm talking about time like second week of February, like kicking them out of here when Super Bowl teams are practicing and those kinds of things.

“He's put a lot of time in, watched a lot of tape, has done a lot of studying on his own and with (quarterbacks coach) David Lee. So, I think that you can start to see some of that right now. … You're starting to see him hit some things a little bit quicker, get to some second and third progressions a little bit quicker.”

White last season ran for 81 yards, and was 0-for-5 passing, but if he keeps on this pace, there is no question that Sparano will have him a lot more in the game plan for 2010.

Patriots Randy Moss changes Agents

Posted: 30 May 2010 07:55 PM PDT

Mike Florio of reports that Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss has filed paperwork with the NFLPA to sever ties with Tim DiPiero, his longtime, West Virginia-based agent. Moss is reportedly conducting a search for new representation.

The 33-year old Moss is entering the final season on a three-year, $27 million dollar contract, which he signed after catching 98 passes for 1,493 yards and an NFL-record 23 touchdowns during the 2007 season, his first with the Patriots organization. In addition to Moss, DiPiero represents long-snappers Sam Scroggins (Detroit) and Chris Massey (St. Louis), as well as Washington Redskins defensive lineman Darrion Scott.

NFC South Breakthrough Candidates: Atlanta Falcons

Posted: 30 May 2010 01:48 PM PDT

The obvious choice is often-injured Jerious Norwood.  One week “Mysterious Jerious” shows us glimpses of stardom, only to go down the following week.  He is a more talented athlete than Burner Turner but cannot fight off the injury bug.  A pure home run hitter in every sense of the imagination, but what will his role be this season? 

Jason Snelling has proven his worth.  Michael Turner has lost weight and is in tremendous shape.  Return Specialist?  Third Down Back?  I thought he would be a difference-maker by now with his electrifying speed.  With that being said, I like three youngsters on the defensive side of the rock to rise up to the occasion and breakthrough on to the scene for Atlanta in 2010.

- Safety William Moore:  The second round selection from Mizzou appeared in only two games registering  just two tackles in ‘09.  Look for him to replace Erik Coleman, who is merely a stop-gap for a secondary that added Pro-Bowl CB Dunta Robinson in the off-season.  Coleman is not the solution, he’s too small and doesn’t make enough plays, barely being average.  Moore is the answer.   The Falcons need a more aggressive play making strong safety next to Thomas DeCoud, and Moore fits the description.  He’s got an abundance of athletic gifts at his disposal and if he stays healthy he will give Falcon fans something to cheer for on Sundays.  

The former Tiger was an All-State High School WR/CB and an All-American at the collegiate level, so he surely possesses the special characteristics to become a ball hawk for the Birds.  Already a dynamic hitter, Moore has a golden opportunity to astound and intimidate with his play.  Heading into the ’09 Draft (should’ve came out as a junior as a Top 10 pick) he was undoubtedly without hesitation my #1 rated safety, drawing strong comparisons to All-Pro Adrian Wilson.  I have to believe he has what it takes to force momentum shifting turnovers, forming a solid 1-2 punch with DeCoud.  And if you don’t believe me look no further than his junior year, when he recorded an astonishing eight interceptions, I think that speaks for itself.       

- Cornerback Christopher Owens:  Another case where the guy ahead of him in the depth chart (as of now) is mediocre and just filling in.  Owens will supplant Brent Grimes and become the starting corner opposite Dunta Robinson.  The ‘09 third round draft choice from San Jose State started six games and capped off a decent rookie campaign with a pick in the final two affairs.  Expect the upper-echelon athlete to carry over his strong play and play a key role defending the opposing team’s #2 WR and speedy slot receivers.  

Owens will receive a vast majority of the attention as teams will test him first seeing the acquisition of Dunta.  Ideally balls will be thrown his way more often that not.  Indeed plenty of chances to show his worth, which makes him a prime breakthrough candidate to make plays in a revamped Atlanta secondary.     

- Linebacker Stephen Nicholas:  I like how Atlanta drafts top-notch athletes on defense.  Nicholas made a name for himself last season stepping foot on the gridiron in all 16 contests, starting 13, while producing 80 tackles, three sacks and passes defensed, two stuffs (tackles for loss), and a forced fumble.  However, the former South Florida Bull will be challenged by Mizzou first round rookie Sean Weatherspoon.  It will certainly give him extra motivation to keep his starting position intact. 

Also keep in mind MLB Mike Peterson is getting up there in age and is still injury prone.  Nicholas has the size to play the middle and speed to play outside.  Because of his versatility, he’s an integral piece in Atlanta’s plan on D.  Team him up with budding star tackling machine Curtis Lofton and the intriguing Weatherspoon and you have the makings of a special bunch.

Can Bob Sanders Re-Establish Himself as the Colts Leader in 2010?

Posted: 30 May 2010 11:52 AM PDT

The Indianapolis Colts are looking to rock on the defensive side of the ball this season.

We all know how they work and roll on the offense. The defense looks like they are ready for something.

With a good defensive line, including the defensive end monster attack in Robert Mathis; and a good linebacking corps, led by Gary Brackett and the two key playmakers in Phillip Wheeler and Clint Session; the Colts may be a different team.

The cornerbacks are good, too.

Don't let Jacob Lacey's and Jerraud Powers' experience in the league so far fool you, because they fooled a lot of the receivers last year like that.

And we all know how good Antoine Bethea is, so there is no point going into a novel-type explanation of the free safety.

Now how about Melvin Bullitt?

He's come up big for the last two seasons when Bob Sanders was out. And this may force Sanders to lose his job.

This season, most probably at training camp, things are going to be different.

Sanders and Bullitt will probably go into the heated competition and battle for the strong safety position. Sanders has never gone two full years and not playing with the Colts.

And now it has and it affects him big time.

So what is it here? Can number 21 establish himself as a leader among the Colts' defense? Whoops, my bad, let's rephrase that for a second:

Can number 21 RE-establish himself as a leader among the Colts' defense?

Can he?

He's been a leader even when he was injured for a lot of the 2008-09 NFL season. But now the 2009-10 season has gone by, and things are starting to slip away from him as a Colts player and an NFL player among the league.

42 tackles and two interceptions in two seasons is going to cut it.

I think Sanders still has a chance to reclaim his leader role. I still think he can produce. We know how good he is once he is healthy, as he showed in the 2007-08 season.

Can he do it this year? I guess we will have to find out.

Sanders pumps up the defense all the time. And somehow, it just makes the team come together and it makes them better. They have more heart in them.

More momentum.

The Colts really need Sanders to step up this year. And when he can…

He always makes a difference.

All Things Being Considered With New Bears OC Mike Martz

Posted: 30 May 2010 11:17 AM PDT

Man am I excited for this new offense directed under the masterful mind of the maestro known as Mike Martz!  Everything I've read thus far makes me believe he will have an impact for the better and the offense will thrive, or at least die trying to thrive!  Once we step foot on to Soldier week one against Detroit, we will be in attack mode!  We're coming in shooting and going out shooting!  Boy, does that fit Jay Cutler's persona perfectly!  Gunslinger's got a new offense!

In essence, I like this new, bold approach.  Kind of like what Martzsaid in a recent interview I want to put 2009's offense behind and its inadequacies, miscues, and shortcomings to rest and move on to seeing what we can do with a new, innovative offense based on spreading the field.  Ya know, "Out with the Old in with the New".   Let's hit the casino and gamble.  Swing for the fences.  One word that comes to mind with this offense: Creativity.  So with that in mind, I have a creative proposal for Mike Martz and his offense heading into 2010.

Factor Garrett Wolfe into the mix: Think 2008 New York Giants.  I envision Wolfe as our Ahmad Bradshaw, Chester Taylor as our Derrick Ward, and Matt Forte as our (more finesse of course) Brandon Jacobs.  Why don't we put this three-headed monster to work?  Utilizing all three of the backs qualities, giving them a proper balance of work throughout the entire course of a game.  They all are above-average pass catchers and it would offer a nice spice to the offense, as well as keeping each of one of them fresh.  Plus, it greatly limits the threat of any potential injuries.  How could this not work?  More pros than cons.  The key to this attack is durability and health.  The result is gainful and prosperous.

Think about the plan.  I mean they all have the capability to pick up yards after the catch with their elusiveness, so, they can be used at any time, on any given down On Any Given Sunday…what I'm trying to say —they are interchangeable to any degree.   Andthis allows us to improve the chances to effectively gain yards on the ground, something we haven't been able to do since the Thomas Jones-Cedric Benson days.   We move he chains, we hold on to the ball longer, we increase our chances to score.  Why not consider this formula?  I hope Martz makes this plan come to fruition.

Reason for Wolfe: He has shown flashes of big-play potential despite minimal playing time.  Screen game, draws?  Reason for Taylor: Whether it was in Baltimore or Minnesota this guy flat out got the job done and prolonged drives with both his feet and his hands.  Is there a better fit for a 2nd back than him?  Reason for Forte: He does his best early in games and with this plan he can be more effective.  You really think he's a 20-25 carry guy?  I want him at 12-16 carries a game at 4.5-5 yards a pop.  Otherwise, I don't think we'll be able to keep defenses honest if we feature Forte and just show Taylor and Wolfe from time to time.  How will we ever be able to combine the run with the pass when Forte is the go-to-guy?  We saw what happened with that approach last year.

In conclusion, this has the makings of a beneficial system, one which could make the offense all that more exciting and ultimately more difficult for a defense to figure out and game plan against.  This could make for more points with a greater emphasis on better ball-control, enhancing our team's ability to ware out defenses, while keeping our defense from being worn out.  Ponder a crisper, rested defense for just a few moments.  Now add that to a well-balanced offense that controls the ball and spreads the field.  The opportunities are endless and the results are outstanding.  Ah, the potential!  Insert the fact that we plan to incorporate more imagination and giddy-up (quick formations, line-ups) to the offense, I can't see why this would turn out to be anything but a winning equation.

While we're at it, why not at times throw in the Windy City Flyer Devin Hester, it wouldn't hurt.  I mean he's only our most explosive weapon.   All in all, this dynamic plan has the makings of a winner, and it makes both sides of the ball that much better.  A Bears team with a good offense, and a good defense?  —The more options for Jay Cutler and Mike Martz, the better chance the Bears have in becoming a balanced football team, which in turn could translate into a winning football team.  Somewhere Gale Sayers, Dick Butkus, and Mike Ditka are smiling.

Steelers RB Mendenhall says a Fullback would be a welcome sight

Posted: 30 May 2010 09:34 AM PDT

Tim Lester, Jon Wittman, Dan Kreider, John L. Williams.

A couple players in the past that have been and were solid fullbacks for the Black and Gold, opening holes for the likes of Jerome Bettis, Eric Pegram, Barry Foster and others.

Now the Steelers feature back is former first-round pick Rashard Mendenhall, and coming into the 2010 season, there’s no doubt the Steelers have at least talked about running the ball a whole lot more.

So where does a fullback fit into the picture? Count Mendenhall in as a player that would like to see the Steelers employ a blocker. One name that comes to mind to fill the hole – Frank “The Tank” Summers, whose rookie year in 2009 was cut short due to a back injury.

"A fullback in the backfield he can probably see a lot of things a tight end couldn't," said Mendenhall. "(Fullbacks) being ballcarriers they know what you're trying to do, they know where you're trying to go and they can get there before you so a lot of times the fullback will end up at the same place after reading a play."

Mendenhall had a solid season after the team realized that Willie Parker couldn’t handle the load and wasn’t the same player he was a few years back. All Mendenhall did was rush for 1,108 yards and seven touchdowns. Imagine what he could do with someone opening holes for him like Summers.

"Frank's starting to pick up on things and things are becoming more natural for him," Mendenhall said. "He played a lot of running back so he can see and feel those things out."

Maybe it’s time to get back to power football, otherwise known as “Steeler Football.” It would be a welcome sight for Mendenhall.

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