PADI, diving and Instructor Development (IDC)

PADI, diving and Instructor Development (IDC)

Camille's Thailand Hotel recommendations: Narima, Ba Kan Tiang Bay, Koh Lanta []

Posted: 30 Sep 2010 09:03 AM PDT

Review of the Narima in Ba Kan Tiang Bay on tropical island destination Koh Lanta in Thailand by long term resident Camille Lemmens
Dance Manila

Dance Manila

Classes in Planet Jupiter

Posted: 30 Sep 2010 05:02 PM PDT

Skechers Streetdance Battle Year 6 October 2-3 Schedule

Posted: 29 Sep 2010 05:53 PM PDT

October 2 – High School Eliminations HIGH SCHOOL ELIMINATIONS LEG (SM Megamall) St. Paul College Pasig- Terpsichore Manila Cathedral School- Hiyas ng Sining Colegio de San Agustin Makati- CSA Dance Troupe Siena College QC- Elemental Ground Breakers Ateneo de Manila High School- Indayog ng Atenistang Kabataan (Indak) Xavier School- Dance X Northfield School for the [...]
The Joy of Fly Fishing in New Brunswick

The Joy of Fly Fishing in New Brunswick

Sunday’s Pickerel Fishing Results

Posted: 30 Sep 2010 06:22 AM PDT

Like I said in the previous post, Casey, Jamie, Ron and I were fishing French Lake New Brunswick on Sunday and had a pretty good day. We caught lots of chain pickerel and even acted a bit foolish at times, well okay, most of the time.

We started of the day with Jamie in Ron’s boat and I was in Casey’s boat.

We moved to the middle of channel to head out to our first fishing spot. Ron and Jamie took off while Casey and I trolled to our first fishing spot.

It was about a minute or two of trolling and I felt a hard strike and it was gone, then almost instantly Casey had a fish on that doubled his rod.

Casey's 23 1/2 Chain Pickerel, first fish of the day.

He landed the first pickerel of the day and it wasn’t too shabby at 23 1/2″. We know how big it was because Casey has this cool invention, called a ruler, fastened to his boat for easily measuring fish.

That last little dig was for Jamie. :)

I, on the other hand decided it was probably better to save my energy for later in the day, so I didn’t bother landing any fish for the first few hours.

I did pretend to fish so Casey wouldn’t think I was slacking off. :)

Casey landed 4 pickerel before I even got one close to the boat, but once I started I was on fire and soon caught to Casey. The last day we were out Casey had me 3 to zip before I got started too.

I caught a few pickerel that looked like they beat Casey’s 23 1/2 inch pickerel but once measure well they didn’t measure up. One particular pickerel looked like it would beat him but he looked at it and said 22″. I measured it and sure enough it was 22″.

Then came pickerel number 25 and it hit hard and didn’t come near the surface. It fought hard and stayed down, so of course I thought it was was big pickerel.

Jamie did his best to beat it to death with the net but it was a determined pickerel and a good hook set, eventually Jamie stopped smacking it with the net and I landed it.

When I measure it I started doing my happy dance as it measure out at 25 inches, a new personal best for me. I beat my previous personal best pickerel by 1/2 inch, which I caught at French Lake a couple of months earlier.

I am still trying to beat my fishing buddy Roland’s best pickerel at 26″ more than 20 years ago in Cassidy Lake near Norton. That was his very first pickerel every by the way.

Both Casey and Jamie tied at the end of the day with 22 pickerel each and I ended the day with 26 pickerel. Casey and Jamie also landed a perch or two.

You can see Casey cheering me on from the peanut gallery. Now I know why Jamie laughed and took a second picture of my 25 inch pickerel.

Oh Happy Day, A New Person Best for Jimmy

Jamie was in Ron’s boat for the better part of the day so I didn’t get to take any images of his fish. But once he was back in Casey’s boat he landed this angry pickerel.

Jamie’s First Chain Pickerel Once Ron Returned Him

I think Jamie landed another 7-10 pickerel and one perch once he was back in Casey’s boat.

It’s so much fun getting out like that. Great to have met Ron although I didn’t get much of a chance to talk as our boats headed in different directions for the day and only met up to brag about our catch.

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NFL GridIron Gab Daily Digest

NFL GridIron Gab Daily Digest

Link to NFL Gridiron Gab

SGN Columnist Russ Loede’s Week 4 NFL Power Rankings

Posted: 29 Sep 2010 11:08 AM PDT

Another dynamic weapon emerges for Peyton.

1. Indianapolis Colts (3) – Manning is finding new targets.  Not fair.  Defense not a concern when offense can do whatever it wants, whenever, wherever, however, whichever way it desires.  Blair White will turn into a gem.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (2) – Rashard Mendenhall has me for a ride.  Didn’t think he’d look this impressive.  Mike Wallace is just getting started, watch out when #7 returns.  #1 defense, and it’s not even close.  Yet, in the long run, I take offense over defense, that’s why I have Indy #1 and Pittsburgh #2.  Big Ben, do you have anything to say to that?

3. New Orleans Saints (1) – A kicker does ‘em in dirty.  Notice the “birds” didn’t do ‘em in “dirty”.  Team was in position to complete a come from behind victory.  Despite it’s struggles, loss of Reggie, I admire their resiliency.  Rush defense has to improve.  Lance Moore can be make waves.

4. New England Patriots (4) – Tom Brady and Randy Moss make things look too easy.  BenJarvus Green-Ellis was a player at Ole Miss, and still is a player.  About time he gets the rock.  I have a bad feeling, sooner or later, the defense will let this team down immensely.

5. Cincinnati Bengals (5) – Just as New England’s Achilles heel is their defense, you could say the same thing for Cincy and Carson Palmer.  My biggest question mark heading into the season was Palmer.  It’s turning into a disappointing reality.  Defense, run game, everything else; spot-on.  We give Pittsburgh and Baltimore (undeservedly) all the credit for being “tough”, how about Marvin Lewis’ Bengals?

6. Dallas Cowboys (7) – Do we really know how good Tony Romo is?  Borderline Top 5 QB?  If Marion Barber and Roy Williams come to play every other week, this could be the most dangerous team in the NFC.  Defense is the NFC’s best and you can’t say otherwise -they are that good.  DeMarcus Ware means to Dallas what Troy Polamalu means to Pittsburgh.  Pressure still enormous: “Dallas or Bust”.

7. Minnesota Vikings (9) – Adrian Peterson.  Game on.  People tend to forget he is a game-breaker and one of the best players in the game today.  Defense looks lights out.  Percy Harvin, secondary, and Favre…still waiting.  Bye week will do wonders.

8. Philadelphia Eagles (22) – Speed on offense cannot be matched.  Defense is getting to the QB.  Stage is set.  Super Bowl contender.  There, I said it.  Maclin is flying under the radar, four touchdowns, taking advantage of DeSean.  How do you cover both of these guys plus Vick?  Can’t wait till they play Dallas.

9. Tennessee Titans (11) – For those who wondered why I still had them ranked ahead of Houston, now you know why.  Chris Johnson is as good as it gets, yet, the defense is making a case for Top 5 status.  What they did the Giants was remarkable.  Quite possibly a threat to Indy’s supremacy atop the AFC South.  Jeff Fisher is an early Coach of the Year candidate.  Talk about team that just gets the job done.  Consistency.

10. Chicago Bears (10) – Team rolling the dice with risky Jay Cutler.  Toughest , most physically gifted QB in the NFL.  Is there any other QB that’s doing more with less?  Mike Martz is his OC, the OL is horrendous, no true #1 WR.  Offensive game plan needs to insert more runs, short passes.  Teams are going to start teeing off; as if they haven’t already.  Defense is classic “bend but don’t break” and its working to perfection.  Love the approach.  Julius Peppers, Lance Briggs, and Brian Urlacher are shoe-ins for Hawaii.  Bears don’t win this game last year.  Devin Hester is taking punts to the house?  Is this a team of “destiny”?  Seems like they are catching all the breaks, good sign.  7-0 heading into November/Bye week?  You can’t say enough about how the past two prized off-season acquisitions have saved this team.  Who saw this quick turnaround coming?

11. Green Bay Packers (6) – Aaron Rodgers is officially an elite QB; if he wasn’t at elite status to begin with.  He was nearly impeccable on the road against a tough D.  Was successful every way imaginable.  Did it with no OL/run game.  Despite the heartbreaking loss, I came away thoroughly impressed by their performance.  I like how they played in a “ugly, grind ‘em out” type of battle.  NFC North race is going to be sensational.  If you don’t know, now you know: Jermichael Finley is ridiculous.

12. New York Jets (21) – Starting to buy into this team.  I’ve been rocking back and forth trying to figure them out.  They’ve played three worthy opponents thus far and have been near outstanding.  Mark Sanchez, nothing short of excellence.  Santonio Holmes, two more weeks.  Still down on the run game.  Very capable winning close games.  You can see team is starting to have fun once again.  Playing loose, jitters are gone.

13. Baltimore Ravens (13) – What happened to this vaunted run defense?  Peyton Hillis?  Really?  By far, Anquan Boldin is the team’s MVP.  Flacco made some really, really good throws.  Ray Rice has surprised me, he’s doing next to nothing.  Big John Harbaugh supporter.  Pittsburgh game will tell a lot.  Early must win if they think its Super Bowl this season.  Still don’t think they are going to make Playoffs in loaded AFC.

14. Atlanta Falcons (20) – Statement win.  Huge confidence booster.  Game meant more to them than it did New Orleans.  “Matty Ice” played just like that, to his name.  Trap game ahead.  Team very likely could be 3-0, yet more so 1-2.

15. Kansas City Chiefs (18) – Offense is clicking on all cylinders.  Dominated a solid 49ers defense.  Speaking of defense, they have given up only 38 points.  Tamba Hali tomahawked Alex Smith thrice on Sunday.  Run game is their rock/identity, but the aerial attack keeps getting better -looked razor sharp, precisely crisp in its last victory.  AFC West Champions?  I think so.  Team believes.

16. Houston Texans (12) – Andre Johnson’s injury should worry Houston fans.  On the other hand, Arian Foster is so legit, could they put more emphasis on the run?  How do you let Roy Williams get you twice?  Matt Schaub looks out of rhythm.

17. San Francisco 49ers (8) – Still have hope.  Is this the week against Atlanta on the road?  I’m not so sure.  This team is still going to finish above .500 and win the NFC West.  Change of OC will do lots of good because it means more Frank Gore, their calling card.  Watch it happen.

18. Miami Dolphins (15) – Brandon Marshall is finally involved.  Yet, big game is not enough at home against Jets.  This will be the story all year long: team just isn’t talented enough.  Lacking a few more skilled players.  Where’s the run game?  Pass defense looked out of place versus New York.

19. San Diego Chargers (17) – Philip Rivers can do without Vincent Jackson.  But Ryan Matthews too?  Too much to overcome.  Defense lacks punch.  Leon Washington beat them.  Can’t let that happen if you want to retain division crown.  That’s now two losses pinned on the special teams unit.  Letdowns reveal big weakness which could make for big difference down stretch.

20. Seattle Seahawks (29) – Where’s the love?  Well, there’s no run game, Hasselbeck is just Hasselbeck, and the secondary got shredded apart and ripped to pieces.  No difference makers on offense.  However, Seattle has found a future perennial Pro Bowl safety with Earl Thomas.

21. New York Giants (16) – Can it get any worse?  Three really bad plays makes for a 19-point differential?  Are they that bad?  Red zone woes were ugly.  When they crumble just a bit, they shatter dramatically.  Eli Manning is still the team’s biggest problem, yet he has company to join him.  Still can turn it around, too much talent to go to waste.

22. Washington Redskins (14) – Donovan is playing rather well.  They finally have a real QB, and it’s about the only thing going for the Nation’s Capital.  Interested to see what a healthy Ryan Torain can do, really like this kid from Arizona State.  As for their second loss in a row, the Rams ain’t that bad…

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (19) – Free pass?  Wow did they get beaten up or what.  LeGarette Blount scored his first TD.  I’m rooting for this guy.

24. St. Louis Rams (30) – Sam Bradford is playing like the man.  Too bad Steven Jackson is hurt once again.  Don’t sleep on this defense, it looks strong.  Closer to 3-0 than 0-3.  Amazing improvement from last year.

25. Arizona Cardinals (26) – Derek Anderson, can he be any more pathetic?  Come on, he shouldn’t be this bad.  Chris Wells is back.  This team is one of the worst 2-1 teams I’ve seen.  Should be 0-3, that’s the bottom line.  Kurt Warner quit dancing and get back on to the field, they need you desperately.

26. Detroit Lions (23) – Jahvid Best is alright (minor grade-two toe injury), he will play against Green Bay.  A call for more Calvin Johnson is valid.  I feel sorry for this team.  There is promise, potential and players in place to be good -right now.

27. Carolina Panthers (24) – If there was ever a week to get back to basics and run the football, this is the week, against New Orleans.  Team has a legitimate shot for an upset if it keeps things simple and makes a play or two in the clutch.  Can we see some life?  Too talented of a team to be this lackluster.

28. Denver Broncos (25) – Knowshon Moreno is out again with a hamstring.  Kyle Orton is being forced to throw for close to 500 yards.  They found a solid QB, yet frankly, the truth is, this team is two to years away -that’s all there is to it.

29. Oakland Raiders (28) – Talk about a team that just shoots (or kicks) themselves in the foot time after time again.  Janikowski, I can’t even talk about him.  Also, another AFC West team that can’t defend kickoff returns.  Darren McFadden looks like the player he was at Arkansas.  Louis Murphy is a big-play threat.  It’s the little things that kill a team, especially this squad.

30. Buffalo Bills (31) – About time they use their most explosive weapon.  Spiller is a flat out player, make no doubt.  Fitzpatrick played well without hesitation against N.E., I have a weird feeling they will keep it close with the Jets.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (27) – Awful, just plain awful.  Trent Edwards just got brought in.  Enough said.

32. Cleveland Browns (32) – Peyton Hillis is their best player.  You just get this feeling they will not win a game this year.  Coaching change in line.

Reid says McNabb is loved by 99 percent of Eagle fans

Posted: 29 Sep 2010 09:00 AM PDT

The date of Donovan McNabb’s return to the City of Brotherly Love is getting closer, and one person that seems to think McNabb won’t get too much heat from the fans is Eagles coach Andy Reid.

“They remember the good times,” Reid told Comcast Sports Net. “They might give him the business during the game or something, but he’ll get a great reception.”

The current Redskins QB has stated a number of times his love for the city where his NFL career started, but most of the time Eagles fans don’t take too kindly to their opposition, and Sunday is will be interesting to see the type of reception he gets.

“I think the organization does these different polls around the community, and this guy is loved by 99% of the population here,” Reid said. “It’s that 1% that’s that loud voice.”

We shall see quickly Sunday if McNabb is as loved as Reid thinks he is.

Seattle’s Sluggish Start Offensively Could Spell Doom Later on

Posted: 29 Sep 2010 07:22 AM PDT

The saying is as old as the game of football itself: Defense wins championships. However, there's something to be said about having some playmakers on the other side of the ball as well.

Through three games, the Seahawks (2-1, first in NFC West) haven't shown consistently that they have what it takes offensively to be more than a lower-tier team this season.

It all starts at the quarterback position. Not only is it Matt Hasselbeck's job to get his team down the field and to put points on the scoreboard, he's also in charge of helping set up his team's running game. Thus far he hasn't done any of the above. His quarterback rating of 75.4 is his third worst in his career and, behind his 199.3 yards per game, Seattle ranks 21st in the National Football League in aerial yardage.

Maybe it's not all Hasselbeck's fault. It's true that the team lacks a proven number one wide receiver despite having a stable of young guns that have shown flashes of brilliance.

Mike Williams wowed the coaching staff during the preseason, so much so that he helped force T. J. Houshmandzadeh out the door just a year into a lengthy contract; however, injuries have tempered his fresh start in the league.

The youngest two receivers, Deon Butler and Golden Tate have also garnered praise, but, like Williams, much of what's been associated with them thus far remains talk instead of production.

Tate's learning curve has left the rookie out of Notre Dame trying to stay afloat in a sea of playbook terminology. His four targets and receptions Sunday against San Diego have been the most his quarterback has looked to him all season.

Butler sits fourth in targets (11) on the team and is third among wide receivers. Last Wednesday, head coach Pete Carroll waxed poetic about Butler's growth over the past few months, citing his speed and route running. Carroll went on to say that the 5-foot-10, 182-pound second-year receiver was a playmaker and that the team would have to get him the ball.

So much for that.

Days after his coach glowed about him, Butler was a nonfactor in his team's 27-20 victory over the Chargers. He was targeted just twice and failed to haul in either pass attempt.

Without much going for the team's aerial attack, the ground game hasn't had much to work with. Justin Forsett and company average a collective 84.7 yards per game this season, good for 24th in the league.

Forsett's emerged as the team's flag bearer at the position, but has had just one game of double-digit carries and, in that game, he had his worst yards per carry total of the season. In fact, his yards per carry has dwindled each of the three games this season (6.1, 5.5 and 3.7, respectively).

Seattle can't rely solely on its defense throughout the season. While it's a competitive unit, the defense has shown to be of the bend-but-don't-break variety. In order for that type of unit to have success it needs help. If points become scarce, those bend-but-don't-break moments will slowly add up and instead of having a point differential of a few points here and there, Seattle will see itself on the losing end of box scores by 12, 17 or even more.

Can't get enough NFLGridironGab?  Follow SeahawksGab Editor Devon Heinen on Twitter at

Ravens cut Pryce, re-sign Hamlin

Posted: 28 Sep 2010 05:03 PM PDT

From Ravens Insider:

The Ravens surprisingly cut defensive end Trevor Pryce and re-signed safety Ken Hamlin.

Pryce, 35, who led the Ravens with 6 1/2 sacks last season, took a $2.5 million paycut this offseason to remain with the team. He had started 42 games for the Ravens before being replaced in the starting lineup in the middle of last season.

The move was unexpected at this time because defensive end Cory Redding is questionable for Sunday's game with a concussion. But when Redding was knocked out of the game Sunday, the Ravens replaced him with Brandon McKinney and not Pryce.

Let me be the first to say – Huh?

I don't get this move at all so I'm waiting for the explanation.

The Ravens decided to go shorthanded last week with down lineman and instead loaded up on linebackers and Defensive Backs. They paid the price for that decision when Peyton Hillis announced his presence with authority and the line was overmatched against some very good blocking. Add Corey Redding's concussion into the mix and they are further handcuffed by their personnel choices. In fact Redding's status for Sunday is unclear.

So why cut Pryce now? He's a player that led the team in sacks a year ago even in limited duty. Even at 35, he still is disruptive and I swear gets held on almost every snap he plays. Or is this move meant to clear the way for Paul Kruger? Kruger has yet to be active this season. He's had some shoulder issues but even if healthy he's still been in the same position as last year – on the border of finding a game day spot.

I'm even more confused by Hamlin's re-signing. He obviously wasn't happy being relegated to second team and Special teams status. The secondary appears crowded at this point and Ed Reed is scheduled to return in a few weeks. Might there be something we don't know about Reed? Maybe, but that still doesn't explain to me why Hamlin is back.

PADI, diving and Instructor Development (IDC)

PADI, diving and Instructor Development (IDC)

Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 30th September, 2010 []

Posted: 29 Sep 2010 05:15 PM PDT

Daily weather update for tropical island destination Koh Samui in Thailand by long term resident Camille Lemmens

Camille's Samui Hotel recommendations: Hansar Samui Resort, Bophud []

Posted: 29 Sep 2010 08:03 AM PDT

Review of the Hansar Samui Resort in Bophud on tropical island destination Koh Samui in Thailand by long term resident Camille Lemmens

PADI, diving and Instructor Development (IDC) around Thailand: MV Trident has been sunk off Koh Tao []

Posted: 29 Sep 2010 07:30 AM PDT

The MV Trident has been sunk off Koh Tao's South coast. Thailand has anew wreck that will suit recreational and technical divers!

MV Trident has been sunk off Koh Tao

Posted: 29 Sep 2010 07:26 AM PDT

MV Trident has been sunk off Koh Tao

Yesterday the MV Trident has been sunk West off Koh Tao's Shark Point. Earlier this month I posted about the plan of sinking the MV Trident, and yesterday it was the right time to do it!
Jamie Macleod, one of the owners and my former Course Director, back in the days, was just back in time on Koh Tao from the UK so everything was in place to execute the sinking.

After a safe journey from Chumphon where she had been prepared for sinking the final jobs were done and she was ready to go to her resting place, West off Shark Point, South of Koh Tao.

They had welded the hatch that gave access to the accommodation section closed as it was very narrow and was a possible risk. The air pressure being forced out of the boat in the vertical position caused the welds to fail in a spectacular fashion as seen in the pictures.

There was a lot of speculation on just how she would go down as none of us had done this before. Initial thoughts was it was going to turn turtle and sink but before she she did she just sat vertical and slid slowly down.

After sinking she settled on the bottom in a vertical position and there was fear that she was going to stay in this position but after around 3 minutes she slowly settled to the sea floor at around a 30% lean to starboard. Once the sediment that was kicked up settled we recovered the video cameras and attached a buoy line and Koh Tao has a great wreck to dive. She is sitting in 36 metres to the bottom and the deck and saloon are at around the 25 metre level. It has good penetration to the saloon and engine room and in time will be a magnet for sea life.

That's all folks!

Thanks Jamie and all other people involved in this project! I'm looking forward on diving this wreck for many years to come!

With thanks to Duncan for pictures and text, who was privileged enough to be there!


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