PADI, diving and Instructor Development (IDC)

PADI, diving and Instructor Development (IDC)

Camille's Samui Info blog: Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 1st June, 2011 []

Posted: 31 May 2011 05:30 PM PDT

Daily weather update for tropical island destination Koh Samui in Thailand by long term resident Camille Lemmens

Camille's Samui Info blog: Thai police start Murder investigation after drowning on Samui has been ruled out []

Posted: 31 May 2011 01:33 AM PDT

Thai police start Murder investigation after drowning on tropical island of Koh Samui in Thaialnd has been ruled out by long term resident Camille Lemmens

PADI, diving and Instructor Development (IDC) around Thailand: Oxygen Provider Instructor course on Koh Samui []

Posted: 31 May 2011 12:39 AM PDT

An Oxygen Provider Instructor course completed on tropical island destination Koh Samui in Thailand with award winning Platinum PADI Course Director Camille Lemmens

Oxygen Provider Instructor course on Koh Samui

Posted: 31 May 2011 12:36 AM PDT

Oxygen Provider Instructor course on Koh Samui

Just before the end of the month, a last update from the recent IDC on Koh Samui. Before the PADI IE started and was successfully completed, Claire also participated in her Emergency Oxygen Instructor course.

Claire attacking the Oxygen cylinder with a wrench, both Claire and the cylinder are fine!

It was a fun course and I hope that Claire will be able to use this Specialty Instructor rating frequently!


Camille's Samui Info blog: Laguna Phuket International Marathon coming up soon; 12th June 2011 []

Posted: 30 May 2011 11:08 PM PDT

Laguna Phuket International Marathon coming up soon; 12th June 2011 and long term resident Camille Lemmens will be participating in the half marathon and use the run as a fund raiser for Ocean Protection as part of Project Aware.

Camille's Samui Info blog: Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 31st May, 2011 []

Posted: 30 May 2011 07:11 PM PDT

Daily weather update for tropical island destination Koh Samui in Thailand by long term resident Camille Lemmens
NFL GridIron Gab Daily Digest

NFL GridIron Gab Daily Digest

Link to NFL Gridiron Gab

Panthers Owner Not Worried About Cam Newton Missing Practice Due to Lockout

Posted: 30 May 2011 12:36 PM PDT

Panthers owner Jerry Richardson said that he’s not “overly stressed” about the instruction the draft’s No. 1 overall pick, Cam Newton, is missing out on as the lockout lingers.

“The Panthers are going to be like everybody else and (Newton’s) going to be like everybody else, so we all have to adjust and deal with what we have to deal with,” Richardson told Dan Parr of Pro Football Weekly at the conclusion of the NFL owners meetings in Indianapolis. “I’m not really overly stressed out about it, personally.”

Newton has been studying Carolina’s playbook and working out with former NFL QBs Ken Dorsey and Chris Weinke in Florida, but he will join his Panthers teammates for player-organized workouts next week in Charlotte.

“We all would (like to see Newton playing sooner rather than later),” Richardson said. “We’re all playing by the same rules. If we weren’t, then it would be a different deal.”

Steelers Harrison Says Even Refs are Confused on the Rules

Posted: 30 May 2011 11:32 AM PDT

James Harrison is still upset about the NFL passing the rule that would not only fine players, but punish teams with fines and the possible loss of draft picks, Harrison is sounding off again, this time via his blog:

“It’s been weighing heavy on my mind all day, so I figure I might as well just let it out. I want to make it clear that I am all for player safety. I don’t disagree with all of the rule changes.”

“But come on…REALLY? Now you have to wait until a guy catches, or even worse, you have to let them catch the ball before you can even attempt to tackle him. Along with that, you cannot let any part of your helmet or facemask touch any part of them basically from the chest up. If you are following the letter of the rules exactly, now most tackles, if not ALL tackles can be flagged, fined and/or result in ejection from that game, or future game(s).”

“I understand the intent behind making the rules, but in their attempt to make the game safer, they are actually clouding what is allowable. Even the referees are confused. A close look will show you that the referees were calling things that were not even supposed to be called, and NOT calling things that were actually illegal.”

“The decision to call a penalty or impose a fine is seemingly, at least some of the time, dependent upon the uniform and the player. After my meeting this past fall with Roger Goodell, Ray Anderson, and Merton Hanks and some others, who I now have absolutely no respect for (to keep it PG), I definitely believe there is no equality in their enforcement of these rules.”

“These rules are targeting hard hitting players and defenses i.e. STEELERS. I guess the NFL needed a poster child for their campaign.”

Seahawks OL Pitts Says Players Will Fight as Long as it Takes

Posted: 30 May 2011 10:28 AM PDT

Former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner said last week in an interview with USA Today, “I’m still optimistic that they’re going to find a way to make sure there’s football. The players have too much to lose. And as much as I hate to say it, at some point, the players have to give in. And, hopefully, they can gain some other things on their side.”

Seahawks offensive lineman Chester Pitts couldn’t believe what he heard according to Mike Freeman of CBSSports. “There were a lot of players I spoke to who were stunned by what he said,” said Pitts, the Seattle Seahawks’ veteran offensive guard. “I was disappointed. Disappointed is a good word, but disheartening is a better word.

“What makes this country great is everyone is entitled to their opinion. Not all the players are in lockstep. We have disagreements, but it’s disingenuous for Kurt to say those things now that he’s retired and wealthy. Not every player is wealthy, and certainly not every retired player has a lot of money.”

“Most players are approaching this fight with the long term in mind,” Pitts said. “This is a marathon, not a sprint. Most players feel this way. They’re in this for the long fight. As long as it takes.”

“There’s this perception that the players should capitulate now. We’re not suddenly going to start begging the owners. We understand what’s at stake just like the owners do. Some of the owners underestimate us. There is far more resolve among the player base than the owners know.”

College Football Shocker: Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel Resigns

Posted: 30 May 2011 09:16 AM PDT

Jim Tressel has resigned as head football coach at Ohio State in the wake of a scandal involving his supposed knowledge of players selling items and memorabilia.

“After meeting with university officials, we agreed that it is in the best interest of Ohio State that I resign as head football coach,” Tressel said in a statement released by the school on Monday. “The appreciation that [wife] Ellen and I have for the Buckeye Nation is immeasurable.”

Click HERE to read the rest of the Story at NCAA Gridiron Gab

Buccaneers QB Josh Freeman Emerging As The Team’s Unquestioned Leader

Posted: 30 May 2011 08:19 AM PDT

Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman has taken charge during the NFL lockout by organizing his own player-only practices in Tampa. He made a special request of veteran tight end Kellen Winslow, who spent last offseason rehabbing in Southern California, to be present at the workouts and Winslow didn’t hesitate. “There is no question he is the leader of this football team,” Winslow told The Tampa Tribune this week. “He’s the dude. I’m not leaving him. If it’s my decision, I’m never leaving him. I want to play with him until he retires. I wouldn’t want to play with anybody else.”

Freeman’s daily workouts have brought in more than 30 Bucs, something coach Raheem Morris is thrilled about from a distance while forbidden from communicating with his players during the lockout. “I’m fired up for Freeman,” Morris said. “That’s the type of leader we brought here and I had no doubt in my mind he would be doing that type of thing.

It’s not shocking to me. It’s kind of expected from the standpoint of business as usual for that guy.” Freeman repeatedly brought his team back in tight games last season, throwing 25 touchdown passes and just six interceptions while guiding the Bucs to a 10-win campaign and narrowly missing the playoffs.

Stabbing of Dolphins WR Marshall to be Investigated by the NFL

Posted: 30 May 2011 07:51 AM PDT

The Palm Beach Post reports that the NFL is going to step in and investigate the stabbing Of WR Brandon Marshall

Though Brandon Marshall appeared to be the victim when he was allegedly stabbed by his wife on April 22, the Dolphins' star receiver is still being monitored by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, anyway. Goodell, in Indianapolis wrapping up a three-day set of owners' meetings, says that "We are aware of the incident, and certainly we will follow that incident," while noting that he has not yet spoken with Marshall.

As a follow-up, Fox Sports' Alex Marvez asked Goodell if it is considered a violation of the personal conduct policy if a player does not cooperate with a police investigation. "It's a hypothetical, but I would tell you that we do expect anyone involved with a legal issue to cooperate with law enforcement," Goodell said. The Broward County state attorney's office released a statement yesterday that its investigation has currently stalled because Marshall has not agreed to voluntarily speak about the incident. League spokesman Greg Aiello further clarified that, "We have said that when the players return, any potential violations of the conduct policy will be reviewed for possible discipline."

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