PADI, diving and Instructor Development (IDC)

PADI, diving and Instructor Development (IDC)

Camille's Samui Info blog: Koh Samui, Thailand daily weather update; 1st May, 2011 []

Posted: 30 Apr 2011 05:24 PM PDT

Daily weather update for tropical island destination Koh Samui in Thailand by long term resident Camille Lemmens
NFL GridIron Gab Daily Digest

NFL GridIron Gab Daily Digest

Link to NFL Gridiron Gab

Dolphins Out of Day Two With a Running Back

Posted: 29 Apr 2011 10:29 PM PDT

As was predicted by myself before it happened, the Dolphins traded back into the second round. But at the time, I was thinking the Fins would take the free-falling Ryan Mallett, and not a running back.

Instead, Miami continued to address perhaps their biggest weakness last year, in the running game.

In a trade that saw the Dolphins exchanging their 3rd, 5th, and 7th round picks to the Washington Redskins in able to nab Kansas State running back Daniel Thomas.

Thomas only runs a 4.6 speed, perhaps high 4.5?s on a good day, so we are not drafting a game breaker here. What we are getting in Thomas is a Ronnie Brown type back, only someone who is more of an inside runner.

Thomas can break tackles with the best of them in this draft, and always falls forward when going down. While busting a run outside is certainly not a strong suit because of his lack of break-away speed, he still has adequate vision up-field, and can cut back inside nicely. He can also catch the ball out of the backfield exceptionally, as well as stay in and block.

Thomas is a complete back right now, with more potential than some of the other backs that were left in this draft. He fits what the Dolphins are looking for in their running backs perfectly. Like I mentioned before, this kid compares to Ronnie Brown who is a free agent this off-season for Miami. This move may be an indicator that the front office will not look to re-sign Brown for anything less than a bargain.

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Packers NFL Draft: RB Green In 3rd Round

Posted: 29 Apr 2011 07:35 PM PDT

Legendary senior writer jclombardi reviews Packers 3rd pick RB Green.

In the 3rd round of the 2011 NFL Draft, the Packers chose RB Alex Green, probably to replace RB Jackson. Biography: Junior college transfer awarded all-Conference honors as a senior. Negatives: Not a physical runner and tends to finish plays out of bounds. Does not display much strength carrying the ball. Must pick up the blocking intensity. Analysis: Green is a physically gifted ball carrier with the athletic skills and running abilities to make it at the next level. He offers potential as a second back in the NFL if he rounds out his game and carries the ball with more physicality. Projection: 6th. Green does not project to be an every-down back at the next level, but he is a weapon in the passing game and could contribute on third down. He has prototypical size, but he runs a bit upright and will not consistently break tackles in the NFL. He also has a case of fumble-itis. He excels in the passing game, as he shows the ability to consistently get open, catches the ball away from his body and turns upfield without any wasted motion. Green will likely be a late round pick due to his ability as a receiverCBS sports: Overview–Green’s surprising burst, quickness and solid hands out of the backfield have drawn attention, but he lacks the vision and instincts to be an every-down back at the next level. Green’s size and straight-ahead running style could make him a nice short-yardage or even fullback option. His natural pass-catching ability provides the versatility that teams seemingly can’t get enough of in today’s pass-heavy NFL. Teams looking to add a running back should give Green strong consideration between rounds four and six.

Analysis: How he fitsThe big question in Green Bay is whether James Starks can be the bell cow back. Brandon Jackson is a free agent and it remains to be seen if Ryan Grant can stay healthy. This is a great offense without a consistent run game and Green is a versatile back who can catch well and be another target for Aaron Rodgers. The Packers are obsessed with finding a consistent run game and at least two of these guys are going to emerge.  Grade: C. Wow, seriously, in the 3rd round?

Colts Keep Theme With Improving Trenches; Draft LSU DT Nevis At #87 In Round Three

Posted: 29 Apr 2011 07:29 PM PDT

Instant Impact: Nevis Is NFL-Ready

NFL Draft Gab’s Scouting Report:

Drake Nevis, DT, LSU, 6'2 285

Position Ranking: #3

Strengths: A disruptive interior pass rusher; Nevis has the athleticism to release quickly off the snap of the ball and penetrate the line of scrimmage. Extends arms and closes quickly once he gets inside the backfield. Uses his hands and arms well to fight for position, showing a quick swim/arm & over move to work into the backfield and fight off attempts to sustain blocking.

Will work to create trash at the line of scrimmage by dropping down and slightly tugging defender to close the inside running lane. Very aggressive in his play and gives maximum effort consistently; pursuing hard to the opposite side of the field. Keeps his legs churning and arms moving when walled off on initial release. Moves well laterally and shows effectiveness on inside stunts. Good tackler at the line of scrimmage; wraps and falls down. Emotional player and encourages teammates.

Read the rest at Colts Gab

Redskins Snatch Miami WR Hankerson In Third Round At #79

Posted: 29 Apr 2011 07:19 PM PDT

Santana Moss Receives Help

NFL Draft Gab’s Scouting Report:

Leonard Hankerson, WR, Miami (FL.), 6'3 208

Position Ranking: #3

Strengths: Hankerson is one of a few wide receivers in this class with the ideal combination of size and playing speed for the NFL level. Smooth route-runner who comes out of his breaks crisply and plays balanced in all his movements. Has good dexterity when extending and making catches away from his frame, behind him, and when adjusting quickly to make catches low and away.

Can be a deep threat at the next level and shows good catch up burst when tracking and the quickness to separate at the top of his route when asked to go downfield. Good release quickness off the line of scrimmage to close the cushion; quick feet for his size. Has improved year to year with his route running and uses head nods and feet to push the cornerback away from his spot or set the defender up on the deep routes.

Understands zone coverage and knows how and when to settle in a soft spot. Tough after the catch. Can make the spectacular reception in traffic. Hard runner.

Read the rest at Redskins Gab

Patriots Plan For Post-Brady; Select Arkansas QB Mallett At #74 In Round Three

Posted: 29 Apr 2011 06:59 PM PDT

The New Era To Follow Brady?

NFL Draft Gab’s Scouting Report:

Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas, 6'6 238

Games Scouted:

2009- Texas A&M, Auburn, Troy, Mississippi, Florida, LSU, East Carolina.
2010- Georgia, Alabama, Texas A&M, Vanderbilt, South Carolina, UTEP, LSU, Ohio St.

Position Ranking: #1

Technique/Mechanics: Carries the football high, at chest level, and maintains height as he sets to deliver. Shows an over the top release point and stays consistent with his throwing angle with or without pressure. Has a slight loop in his delivery due to the length of his forearm. No windup or overextension, forearm stays near to his body with a fluid motion. Very quick release, football jumps off his hand at the top of delivery. Natural with the play-action fake, as good as you'll see at any level.

Stands balanced in the pocket with body and feet parallel to the sideline. Strides into his throws with front foot planted, knee bent, and open hips as he delivers the football. Shows an overall smooth drop and set when settling into 5 and 7 step drops. Overall mechanics are good and have continued to progress since 2009. Foot stride in his delivery has shortened up from the previous season, which improved his short and intermediate accuracy. However, due to his height and length (long torso and limbs), Mallett needs a small radius within or around the pocket in order to make consistently accurate throws. He needs a "pitcher's mound" to properly set feet and maintain a steady launch point- Similar to Tom Brady, Eli Manning, and Joe Flacco in this regard, just more pronounced (bigger feet).

Arm Strength: Rare arm strength. Only a few NFL players can maintain the same rotation on deep throws- if any. Plenty of quarterbacks can throw the football far, but very few can keep the velocity (tight spin) from release point to contact that Mallett shows. Can drive the football anywhere on the field from opposite hash to boundary. Able to throw a frozen rope with no give in its rotation up to 40 yards with the flick of his wrist. Can make every throw with little effort even when technique is off, both in the pocket and when moving to his right side. Showed he could fit passes inside three-deep coverage with four underneath on the post route. Can fit throws in between and over the top of the two deep safeties down the sideline; able to close tight coverage windows. Playbook is wide open with his arm strength.

Read the rest at Patriots Gab

Cowboys Find Felix Jones Part Two In Round Three; Select Oklahoma RB Murray With 71st Overall Choice

Posted: 29 Apr 2011 06:48 PM PDT

Felix Jones 2.0?

NFL Draft Gab's Scouting Report:

DeMarco Murray, RB, Oklahoma 6'1 207

Position Ranking: #2

Strengths: A very good athlete with dynamic qualities; gamebreaking ability. Solid and muscular build with even distribution in both upper and lower body. Very good speed to get to the perimeter on stretch runs and shows a second gear once he turns upfield. Impressive short area burst/quickness for his size. Decisive to the line of scrimmage and won't hesitate to hit the crease between the tackles. Light on his feet, balanced, and can stop and start momentum on a dime. Runs with good pad level and works to fall forward when finishing his runs. Consistently slips linebackers in space and is sharp in and out of cuts. Patient and waits for blocks to develop. Soft hands in the passing game and was as much a receiver as a running back for Oklahoma. All-purpose player who was asked to return kicks, play tailback, and run passing routes. Has improved his route running year to year and was one of teams most reliable receivers; over 150 receptions. Alert and physical in pass protection. Runs a 4.42 40 yard dash.

Read the rest at Cowboys Gab

Bills Contiune To Strengthen Defense In Third Round; Draft LSU LB Sheppard With 68th Overall Pick

Posted: 29 Apr 2011 06:36 PM PDT

Second SEC Defender Selected By Buffalo

Kelvin Sheppard, ILB, LSU, 6'3 240

Position Ranking: #3

Strengths: Sheppard showed continual improvement in his technique and coverage responsibilities over the course of his career at LSU; a coachable player who works to get better. Did a good job putting his defense in the best position to make plays along the front seven. Leader of the defense. Showed very good gap discipline in run support and became a better tackler the more he was on the field.

Was asked to play underneath coverage in the passing game, and shows good awareness on routes and understands how to put himself in the proper position to disrupt the pass in his zone area. Shows quick recognition and burst as he releases into pursuit towards the opposite side of the field. Can effectively sift and scrape past lineman to make a play on the ball carrier. Good stamina and plays at the same pace for four quarters. Gives consistent effort. A tackling machine who leaves LSU with over 300 tackles in his career.

Read the rest at Bills Gab

Packers Pick WR Cobb In 2nd Round

Posted: 29 Apr 2011 06:17 PM PDT

Legendary senior writer jclombardi reviews Packers  2nd round pick WR Cobb.

In the second round, the Packers chose WR Randall Cobb. SI presents a good breakdown: Positives:Versatile skill player who positively affects the offense in a variety of ways. Shows terrific quickness, has a burst of speed, and is dynamic handling the ball. Fluid receiver who comes back to the pass out of breaks, easily adjusts to the errant throw, and possesses both soft and strong hands. Quickly transitions from making the catch to running after the reception, shows a burst of speed, and has the ability to create yardage in the open field. Quick footed and elusive, displays terrific explosiveness, and plays with intelligence. Effective running reverses, alters the momentum of games as a return specialist, and occasionally lined up behind center in wildcat formations.” Negatives: Not a true deep threatAnalysis: Cobb has been tremendously productive on the college level. He’s a multipurpose offensive threat with the skills to be a second receiver and return man on the NFL level. As the says: Cobb’s a ‘tweener lacking the size to be a full-time back or the ball skills and deep speed of a pure receiver. However, he could still make plays as a scat back, sub-package slot receiver and as a returner. Possesses solid vision, enough quickness to get the corner and gain yards after short passes but isn’t a true home run threat. Could be an effective third down back with his short area speed and route-running but hands need to be more consistent and he has a ways to go in pass protection.


Overall analysis: Predicted 2nd round Packers pick. Obviously, the Packers are looking to potentially replacing free agent Jones with a versatile WR/KR. Maybe. Cobb is an excellent slot or No. 2 receiver prospect running primarily short and intermediate routes at the NFL level, but lacks the elite straight-line speed and size the NFL usually demands for consideration as a No. 1 receiver. He should fit well in a quick throw, West Coast type of offense, and offers great versatility as a runner, kick returner and Wildcat quarterback. Grade: B.

Packers Add Kentucky WR Randall Cobb to Wrap Up Round Two

Posted: 29 Apr 2011 05:52 PM PDT

Wanting to give Aaron Rodgers another weapon, the team grabbed Kentucky wide receiver Randall Cobb with the 64th overall pick of the 2011 NFL Draft.

Here’s info on Cobb from Kentucky’s Official Site:

One of the nation’s most versatile performers … Dynamic playmaker at wide receiver, quarterback, punt returner and kickoff returner … Sees action primarily as a wide receiver and also plays quarterback in what one reporter nicknamed the “WildCobb” formation … Also holds for placekicks … has scored four game-winning fourth-quarter touchdowns during his career … Has played in 23 career games, with 20 starts … Throws left-handed … Very active in community service, see list at end of this bio.

Steelers Take Florida OT Marcus Gilbert with Pick #63

Posted: 29 Apr 2011 05:45 PM PDT

The Steelers addressed another need on the roster with Florida offensive tackle Marcus Gilbert. The club always seems to be in need of solid offensive linemen, and Gilbert could turn out to be a good one at 6-foot-6, 330 pounds.

Here’s the lowdown on Gilbert from CBS Sportsline:

Top offensive linemen: 10. Marcus Gilbert, Florida, 6-6, 330, 3-4, What does Gilbert know about protection? Quite a lot, thanks to Secret Service-agent father Jeff, who was on the security detail for presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton and flanked Barack Obama on the campaign trail in 2008. In Gainesville, Gilbert’s job was equally important — he worked as the blind-side guardian of Gators demigod Tim Tebow in ’09 before John Brantley took over last season. Gilbert has been trained to set and explode quickly in Florida’s spread-read offense and has the footwork, strength and size to be a fit at right tackle. He’s described as highly coachable and a leader. If there’s one concern to address, Gilbert has to improve picking up edge defenders in the 3-4 front he’ll see regularly in the NFL.

Click HERE to read the rest

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