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Man Sues Bar and Titans WR Britt – Claims Negligence, Assault and Battery

Posted: 02 Jul 2011 04:15 PM PDT

Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt has had a tough offseason so far. Now you can add a lawsuit to Kenny Britt’s legal problems according to James Nix of the Nashville City Newspaper.

Harold E. Pointer, one of the men involved in an early morning scuffle at Broadway's Karma Lounge last fall, is suing the Titans' star receiver, Bradford Miser and the bar.

Pointer filed a civil suit Monday, claiming assault, battery and negligence. Pointer is seeking a judgment of $150,000 in punitive and compensatory damages.

Messages left with Britt's attorney and Karma Lounge weren't immediately returned. Attempts to locate Miser were unsuccessful.

The incident in question happened just before 2 a.m. Friday, Oct. 22, 2010, when Pointer claims in the suit he and an acquaintance witnessed Britt and Miser escorted out of the bar by security following a "physical altercation."

After Britt and Miser were allowed back in the bar a short time later, Pointer claims Britt kept pointing him out from the across the room before approaching him, pointing his finger in Pointer's face and yelling at him belligerently.

Pointer's acquaintance tried to explain to Britt and Miser that Pointer wasn't involved in the early altercation. Later, when Pointer walked up to the bar after things appeared to have calmed down, according to the court filing, Miser allegedly smacked Pointer on the head with a glass bottle, which led to a scuffled on the floor.

Pointer alleges that Miser and Britt both "continued to gang" him, hitting him repeatedly until security removed the two from him.

The suit goes on to state that Karma's security "encouraged" Pointer not to press charges against his alleged attackers.

Ricky Williams Says He’s Looking Forward to Free Agency

Posted: 02 Jul 2011 10:54 AM PDT

Dolphins free agent running back Ricky Williams just turned 34. At that age most running backs have retired but Williams is looking forward to free agency for the first time in his career.

Although he would like to return to the Dolphins, he is not sure that will happen.

"I mean, really, I have no idea. I feel like I'm in a good position,” Williams told Sid Rosenberg of WMAQ by way of Andrew Carter of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. ” I feel like if I stay here, it'll be good for me, it'll be good for my family. I feel like if I go somewhere else, it'll be good – it'll be good for my family. So you know, I think in my position I think the extended off-season has been good for me because I've been waiting since 1999 to be a free agent. So it's been nice to enjoy these past couple months and the fun part, when we see who's offering what and what's the best situation for me, I'm looking forward to it and I think it's going to be a good experience."

Williams also touched on his relationship with Sparano. Williams, of course, made some critical comments about Sparano during the 2010 season but Williams said he hoped "we can move past it."

"I think sometimes when it comes to sports, and especially relationships between players and coaches, that people lose track, lose a sense of reality," Williams said. "And I think if you look at any relationship, for the relationship to be productive and to move forward and to grow, sometimes things have to be said that one person or the other person is not going to like to hear. But I think I know that Tony is an adult and I'm an adult and I'm sure we can move past it. And whether he wants to admit it or whether I want to admit it, I think there was at least a shred of truth in there and I think if he can appreciate that and learn from it, from the voice of the players.”

Packers QB Rodgers Says He’s Not Concerned About Getting Ready for the Season

Posted: 02 Jul 2011 08:50 AM PDT

The Packers are one of the teams that didn’t hold any player-organized workouts during the lockout but Aaron Rodgers isn’t worried about it.

"I've been throwing enough to where I'm not worried about if I'm going to be ready for when this thing shakes down," Rodgers said Thursday according to Rob Demovsky of the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

"We did have a great gathering in Green Bay a few Thursdays ago," Rodgers said of the Super Bowl ring ceremony. "Other than that, we haven't had anything official. And the reasoning is that guys' schedules and the risk-reward, which I think (coach) Mike McCarthy hit on. So I'm going to allow his comments to kind of answer that question as he did a couple of weeks ago. Mike has always been a big supporter of the work we do individually. I'll just refer to what Mike said as far as some of that stuff goes and just leave it at that."

Individually, Rodgers said his focus has been "to get myself in great shape."

"I've been working on a few things," he said. "I don't really like sharing too much of the stuff I'm working on, but there's always room for improvement. As I look at the season in review, there's definitely going to be things I'm working on."

Owners and Players Make “Major Strides” In Revenue Split

Posted: 02 Jul 2011 06:23 AM PDT

One day after talks between the NFL and NFLPA nearly deteriorated over how to split the $9.3 billion in revenue, “major strides” were made in that area on Thursday night and Friday morning, reports Albert Breer of the NFL Network.

Players thought the two sides had a “verbal handshake” on a formula, with players receiving 48 percent of “all” revenue. Owners reportedly reintroduced expense credits, worth between $400 million and $500 million, which would have reduced the players’ share to 45 percent.

Breer reports that so much progress was made in that area over the last 12 hours that “if the rest can be worked out, they could be close to reaching a financial model”.

Talks for the week have broken off, but will resume on Tuesday in New York City. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith will lead their negotiating teams on Tuesday and Wednesday, with owners and players joining the talks on Thursday.

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