The Joy of Fly Fishing in New Brunswick

The Joy of Fly Fishing in New Brunswick

First Time Fishing Oromocto, New Brunswick

Posted: 20 Aug 2011 04:53 PM PDT

Well it's past the middle of August 2011 and the water is still high every where I go. My buddy Jamie said it probably wouldn't go down all summer and I disagreed with him. He's a bright boy.

Thursday morning Casey and I hit the road for another day of fishing. We went to Oromocto, New Brunswick which was another first for me.

We turned down toward the launch near Phil's Auto & Recreation, where we stopped to look at all the bass supplies and of course a few boats. On the way out that is, but first we fished.


boat-launchThe boat launch was pretty good, well I haven't launched a lot of boats but I would say this is one of the better launches I have seen.

I took a few pictures, such a perfect start to the day. You can even see a little mist on the water and the sky is clear.

There was no one around but us and the birds.

A few minutes later, boat check done and we were on the water.

Turned out to be a tough day of fishing. But even a tough day of fishing is better than staying home.

I managed to get a bass on and brought it all the way back to the boat and let it get off two inches from my fingers. Go figure. Casey asked if I wanted him to net it and as it was all that big I said no thanks. Again, go figure.

After the rain we had Tuesday and part of Wednesday the water was pretty discoloured but get a little better as the day moved on.

We tried the Oromocto river for a few hours but the water was so dark the lure disappeared after about a foot. We also tried some noisy baits but nothing seem to work. So, we headed back out. It took use a few hours to fish our way into the river but less than 15 for Casey to get us back to the main river.

When we went in the Oromocto river it was quite and calm like glass. I thought it would make for a nice picture.


As you can see there wasn't much going on as far as clouds. It didn't change much but at one point we had a cloud move in front of the sun and it felt like the temperature dropped 10 degrees.

cloud-reliefIt felt so good I had to take a picture of it. I think we got about 5 minutes of shade.

All too soon the cloud was gone and the sun was right back on us.

Now even though it sounds like I am complaining notice I never once asked to go home. That's why I bring so much water with me.

Eventually we started getting a few strikes and I hooked into another smallie. This time I didn't refuse Casey's help with the net. This one didn't get away.

Casey took a picture and thought he should get closer to be sure y'all could see it. Smart ass isn't he?


I lost about 2 pounds from sweating to catch that fish and I wanted proof.

We caught a few more bass and I got a couple of perch. One perch was about the biggest perch I've ever caught. That's not saying it was huge, just the biggest I've caught.

donkeyAt one point I thought I was in Bethlehem as I saw a donkey walking along the water's edge.

We didn't have any Lama sightings but the donkey started rolling in the sand and kicking it's feet up in the air.

Looked kinda like that Lama Jamie and I saw while it was doing that.

low-airplaneEvery once in a while a plane would come out of nowhere it seem. I haven't fished much where there is an airport within spitting distance.

At one point we saw 4 helicopters heading straight towards us and then right over our heads. We were kinda hoping they would let us know where the fish were hiding but they kept going.

They made some noise which reminded me of fishing from my canoe on a lake in the Renous area. I think it was called Mitchell lake.

4helecoptersIt was so quiet back in there you could hear a mosquito fart. Well all of a sudden I heard or felt this rumbling and then 3 jets flew over the water and scared the shit out of me, well pretty close.

I was sure I could feel the canoe moving.

eagleWe see all kinds of birds bald eagles, hawks, kingfishers and quite a few osprey but I can never get a good picture. So as usually I tried to get a picture and got closer than most but it's still a ways away.

I'm not up on my birds but think it's a young eagle.

So we saw a lot of water, a lot of sites, got some sun, drank a lot of water and caught a few fish. Not a record setting day of fishing but still always fun to be out on the water with a friend.

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