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Seattle Seahawks Trying to Finalize Trade for Osi Umenyiora

Posted: 03 Aug 2011 05:30 AM PDT

What a Great Picture, Teabaggin Tom

With the Giants unattainable asking price of a first round draft choice being lowered to a reported second round draft choice the Seattle Seahawks among other teams are stepping up their pursuit of Osi Umenyiora. The rumor is New York reportedly told the Baltimore Ravens that a second round draft choice would get the trade completed but that Baltimore needed to figure out the cap ramifications. The Ravens are “definitely” interested in obtaining him for a third round choice as well

Seattle is one of many teams who has inquired about Umenyiora but like everyone else they balked at the first round asking price. I am seeing as well as hearing with the lowered asking price the Seahawks are very interested in getting a deal done. San Diego, St. Louis, and Denver are the other leading suitors; although Denver did just come to terms with Ty Warren on a 2 year deal with a $5 million annual salary.

If this Ravens report is accurate this is a chance for Pete Carroll to again rush in and steal the prize away with his significant budget. The Seahawks are still a ridiculous $21.2 million under the cap even after four major signings and having their draft class inked. Most would agree the Seahawks will probably be picking higher than the Ravens (not Denver and maybe not St. Louis) as well; which makes them a more appealing trade partner for New York if the Seahawks are willing to meet the same price Baltimore is.

Umenyiora has also publicly stated Seattle is his preferred destination in a trade and the Giants probably know this. A trade however will not include Seahawks tight end John Carlson. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll stated that he plans on using both him and recently acquired tight end Zach Miller on offense.

Pete Carroll has not been shy in dealing his draft choices away for veterans as well:

- Traded a third round pick and swapped seconds with San Diego for Clipboard Jesus,

- Traded a fourth round and fifth round choice for Marshawn Lynch,

- A fifth round pick for Leon Washington,

-A sixth for Kentwan Balmer,

- A seventh for Tyler Polumbus,

- A seventh for Stacy Andrews,

- Swapped 4ths and 5ths with Tennessee for Lendale White,

This isn’t even counting trades involving choices for players he TRADED, that would bring the total to a whopping 17 draft picks Carroll has dangled in trade negotiations in just two draft classes and several draft day deals involving pick-pick deals (John Moffitt and Kris Durham were technically the Seahawks second round choice this year).

In fact, now that I put it that way, can you honestly expect Pete Carroll to do anything BUT try and trade for Umenyiora? I’m surprised no one else is noting the shear volume of draft choices Carroll has dealt and acquired the past two seasons, especially with the reported interest in Umenyiora. If he was willing to trade a third round pick and swap seconds for Charlie Whitehurst do you think he’s going to be hesitant coughing up a second for Umenyiora? One of the better defensive ends in the league?

I don’t think so, and if the asking price is a second round choice, assume Carroll is probably putting a bid in. If it actually drops lower; know Pete Carroll has put a bid in.

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Colts Add Former Bears DT Tommie Harris

Posted: 02 Aug 2011 09:23 PM PDT

Recently signed defensive tackle Tommie Harris hopes to make the Colts #1

By Colt Gab Columnist Luke Schultheis

In another offseason move, the Indianapolis Colts have added three-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle Tommie Harris. With knee injuries limiting his performance, Harris was released by the Chicago Bears in February after only recording 1.5 sacks during the 2010 NFL season. The Colts hope that Harris will be able to stay healthy and demonstrate the quick, penetrating pass rushing ability he demonstrated earlier in his career that made him the 14th pick of the 2004 NFL Draft out of Oklahoma and a one time All-Pro selection. Harris fits the mold of a prototypical Cover 2 defensive tackle, making his transition an easy one from one Cover 2 system in Chicago to another in Indianapolis.

Additionally, the Colts were seeking a veteran presence, having lost Daniel Muir to St. Louis and having a young defensive tackle rotation consisting of  Antonio "Mookie" Johnson (3 years experience), Eric Foster (3 years experience), Fili Moala (2 years experience), and rookie Drake Nevis. Harris brings 7 years of prior NFL experience and should be a welcome addition to a relatively inexperienced Colts' defensive interior. It also doesn't hurt that the rival New England Patriots were also interested in his services.

No Doubt, Tom Cable is the Seattle Seahawks Biggest Signing

Posted: 02 Aug 2011 09:11 PM PDT

I praised the hiring of Tom Cable even before it led to the good personnel moves that have come to pass just from a coaching standpoint, I even joked on twitter that Pete Carroll may have relinquished his final say over the roster to bring him on board.

To some degree, that last statement is fairly accurate, Tom Cable has had tremendous sway in offensive personnel decisions from the draft until now.

It was reported after the draft the Cables two favorite offensive lineman available were James Carpenter and John Moffitt; wouldn’t you know it, those were Seattles first two draft picks and both are expected to start immediately.

Free agent signee Robert Gallery has also plainly said that Cable was the reason he chose the Seahawks as well:

(It was) a very big factor," Gallery said. "I know how he coaches, how he treats guys, and the way he handled himself as the head coach and the line coach in Oakland. And also the situation here, obviously it's a great place. It's run well from top to bottom, as I've learned even more being here.”

Now Zach Miller is echoing the same sentiment– Courtesy of Pro Football Talk

"Coach Cable gave me a call Saturday morning and saw I wasn't signed yet, kind of feeling the Raiders would have done it by then," Miller told Jerry McDonald of the Oakland Tribune. "He said, 'We want you here and I'm going to make a push to get you here.'

"I took a visit, and my wife and I just loved it. I'm still kind of blown away."

It appears contrary to what I stated last night that there was indeed some tension between Miller and the Raiders, or at least some animosity from Miller towards the Raiders front office:

“When I was going into the last year of my rookie deal I was hoping to get extended and get a longterm contract and it didn’t happen. Then the season ended and I was expecting a deal and it didn’t happen either. Throughout the process I was expecting it and it just never happened. I thought I’d get an extension and it never materialized.”

After watching Kamerion Wimbley, Stanford Routt, and Richard Seymour all sign for more guaranteed money then what the Seahawks gave Miller, it became clear to him that he wasn’t their No. 1 priority.

In addition to being one of the most respected offensive line coaches in the league, Tom Cable has essentially brought over 1/3 of the starting offense for 2011 to the Seahawks.

You know Seattle really struck gold when this was a guy the Raiders placed a 1st and 3rd round tender on before the new CBA made him eligible for free agency. If you thought there were some Sidney Rice sour grapes, “Raider Nation” is ready to start cleaving the “12th Man” for committing Grand Theft Miller.

In Carroll I trust, in Cable I trust. That’s strong words from somebody who still can’t believe one of his favorite certain inside linebackers won’t be in Seahawks blue next season.

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New Attitude Coming to Panther Nation in 2011

Posted: 02 Aug 2011 08:20 PM PDT

By Corey Long

Before the 2011 draft, free agency and lockout ended the Panthers were bottom of barrel when it comes to media attention. I have scoured NFLN and segments and bottom line praying for a snippet of Panthers information. Then to have something roll across and find myself reading some regurgitated stale headline. (mostly about Steve Smith demanding a trade)(Untrue).

That is all beginning to change along with the guard in Carolina.  Matt Hurney and crew brought in Ron Rivera and his associates to turn around this young franchise. Beginning with the brazen first round pick that has taken a life of it’s own (Cam Newton). Now I hear analysis that he can’t hack a complex NFL offense while dealing with tricky NFL defense along with and faster players. Not the best new for a Panther’s fan but oh well.

The draft along with recent free agent signing/retaining new and talented players (Greg Olsen) has brought a lot of analysis directed in the Panthers direction. The national notoriety makes the Panthers fan feel a little bit better about their team in that it is nice to be noticed. Anybody that follows them knows that the smaller outlets like twitter or local writers are the best source but it is nice to be noticed on a national level.

Hopefully the new acquisitions can perpetuate the Panthers popularity. The only real way to do that is to win football games. I truly feel that the new defense under Ron Rivera and Sean McDermott will command respect around the league. As pumped as I am to see Cam Newton run around I am equally if not more excited to see the new look cat’s defense.

Reliving a Favorite Randy Moss Moment

Posted: 02 Aug 2011 07:22 PM PDT

Upon hearing about the retirement of Randy Moss I immediately wanted to sit down and write an ode of sorts to the player that changed the face of the modern NFL.

I wasn't able to do it, partly because I am mostly convinced that the Moss era isn't finished quite yet.

Moss was about as exciting to watch as any receiver in the existence of the game, with the ability to change football history on any given Sunday. He played like he was his team's rowdiest fan, wearing his emotions on his sleeve, and riding the NFL franchise rollercoaster as if he were a season ticket holder.

When he thought the offensive strategy needed to change, he yelled it. When the refs blatantly messed up, he squirted water at them. When some lowly Packer fans mooned the team bus, retaliation was in order. When he thought the head coach should be fired, he let his opinion be known. When he was disgusted with his team's performance, he tried to beat the traffic by leaving early.

Don't get me wrong, fans pay for the privilege of doing those things, while players are paid to do the exact opposite of quit. Also, plenty of Moss' antics were maddening including his inhuman comments about the Marshall plane crash, his drug use, and taking a traffic officer for an involuntary ride on the hood of his car.

Still, Randy Moss was a guy that had fun catching passes for touchdowns and winning football games. Like Cris Carter, Moss could be delayed entering the Hall of Fame because of his mouth and off field actions, but my favorite football play ever is just one of the many reasons he will eventually be enshrined.

Here it is:

Seahawks: Pete Carroll Dispells Notion John Carlson Will Be Dealt

Posted: 02 Aug 2011 06:52 PM PDT

As soon as Seattle scored big by snatching Pro Bowl TE Zach Miller from the Oakland Raiders people like me immediately began speculating on the future of incumbent TE John Carlson.

With mutual interest in defensive end Osi Umenyiora and the fact the New York Giants need a starting TE, several rumors started popping up about a possible Umenyiora to Seattle for John Carlson/draft choice.

Probably seeing this coming all the way from New York, Pete Carroll has immediately dispelled the notion that the team plans on parting ways in any capacity with Carlson.

When asked if the two can co-exist together in the Seahawks offense:

“Absolutely,” Carroll said, adding, “Anybody who thinks otherwise doesn’t get it. I think those guys will play together in tandem. They'll be on opposite sides. We'll be moving them around for matchups and all kinds of stuff. I think it's a great asset for us now. We've always liked to play with two tight ends in a number of different packages, and this just gives us tremendous flexibility at a really high level, so I'm really hoping this is going to be difficult for our opponents because of the matchups we'll be able to create."

If there is one thing I have learned from watching Pete Carroll over the last season; don’t take his word at face value about anything until somethings official. He may not be telling you a lie, but he’s certainly not giving you the truth when talking about personnel decisions.  After the lockout began Pete Carroll declared Matt Hasselbeck their “No. 1 priority” and he wound up with the Tennessee Titans.

Just breaking down that recent comment, he said that Miller and Carlson “can” co-exist in the same offense, not that they’re “going” to. He said “I think” instead of “they will”.

Keep that in mind.

You can view all Seahawks comings and goings as they happen on our Free Agency Tracker as well as Seahawks Roster Needs

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How Cool Is Pete Carroll? He Apparently Just Gave Nate Robinson A Tryout Over Twitter

Posted: 02 Aug 2011 05:14 PM PDT

Oklahoma City Thunder PG Nate Robinson may be finally making his longshot NFL quest a reality. If you excavate his and Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll’s Twitter timelines, you’ll see that Robinson (while using “lol” at one point) asks him for a tryout and Carroll’s status at about 3:00 PM CT  is: “@nate_robinson well then, see you at practice at 1:30. bring your cleats.” Pete Carroll has specified that the tryout would be for defensive back.

While I think he’ll be slightly more successful than Chad Ochocinco in his MLS stint, I doubt he’ll be making team. If this tryout goes down, I will give Pete Carroll serious credit.

Rumor: Osi Umenyiora to Seahawks for John Carlson, Draft Pick

Posted: 02 Aug 2011 04:14 PM PDT

Now that the Seahawks have committed “Grand Theft Miller” there are rumblings that they may be interested in unloading tight end John Carlson in a trade package for disgruntled Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora.

Carlson has one year left on his rookie contract and judging by the commitment Seattle has made to Zach Miller he will not be assuming a starting role with the Seahawks.

Rather then risk losing him for nothing in a season, they may use him as trade bait to lower the Giants demands of a first round choice in return for the defensive end. Kevin Boss in an unrestricted free agent and there aren’t any clear indications he will be returning to New York.

- Umenyiora is interested in Seattle more than any other team and is the only team he has publicly requested a trade to

- Seattle is among 20+ teams that has interest and had contact with Umenyiora’s agent

- The Giants need a starting tight end

- The Seahawks now have an extra one

- The Giants gave Umenyiora’s agent permission to seek a trade

Trade talks have yet to be confirmed, but all of the pieces mesh seamlessly. A fourth round pick and John Carlson is probably something Pete Carroll would pull the trigger on. After signing Jimmy Wilkerson, Alan Branch, and Ryan Sims, I don’t see Pete Carroll forking over anything higher then a third round draft choice in any potential package.

You can view all Seahawks comings and goings as they happen on our Free Agency Tracker as well as Seahawks Roster Needs

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Lions First-Round Pick Fairley in a Walking Boot a Day After Injury

Posted: 02 Aug 2011 02:15 PM PDT

Lions first-round pick Nick Fairley was in a walking boot a day after injuring his left foot in a pass-rush drill, but the rookie defensive tackle wasn't eager to talk about how badly he's hurt.

"It's not (a big setback) at all," Fairley said as he walked past reporters after practice today. "I'm doing whatever I can do to get ready to get back as soon as I can."

And when will that be? "Really don't know yet," Fairley said.

“Nick sort of tweaked his foot during pass-rush, or individual (drills), one of those things,” coach Jim Schwartz said. “They sent him in to get it X-rayed, just to make sure there was nothing, no broken bone in there, because he wanted to keep on practicing. So we sent him in, and that was negative.

Breaking News: Seattle Seahawks Sign TE Zach Miller

Posted: 02 Aug 2011 02:08 PM PDT

According to sources, the Seattle Seahawks have signed former Oakland Raiders Pro Bowl TE Zach Miller to a contract. This is another major coup for the rising Seahawks, as they acquire their fourth high-profile free agent of the offseason. The deal is for 5 years, $34 million, including $17 million guaranteed.

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