The Joy of Fly Fishing in New Brunswick

The Joy of Fly Fishing in New Brunswick

Popper Pounding Pickerel

Posted: 01 Sep 2011 04:42 AM PDT

!cid_TVOOVQNQMDZQ_IMAGE_2Jenny sent me an email from here office the other day. A big catfish tried to swallow a soccer ball or basketball.

The catfish was able to get the ball in it's mouth but then it couldn't swallow it and then it couldn't spit it out either.

Every time the poor catfish would try to dive under the water it just bobbed back to the surface. It was pretty much exhausted by the time a guy and his wife found it and rescued it by deflating the soccer ball and removing it.

That story reminded me of a day I was fishing pickerel at Redbank New Brunswick from my float tube. No a pickerel didn't try to swallow my float tube.

It was a very hot extremely calm day, not a breeze blowing at all…

Peter Pickerel Stole My New Popper

I love fishing the weeds for pickerel and bass. I get some explosive action but then sometimes I like to cast poppers when there is no wind and calm water. Those can be very special times.

I like to cast it out from the float tube and let it sit for a minute or two while the ripples die down, that's if it doesn't get smacked as soon as it hits the water, which happens so often.

I made my cast and as soon as it hit the water a pickerel smacked it and it was gone and so was my steel leader and brand new popper.

I swear some of those pickerel need glasses, especially this one. He would have had to miss my lure by at least a foot or more to bite through my line.

I sat there in disbelief for a minute, but I got over it quickly and was back to fishing the weeds for a bit.

The thing about fishing from a float tube is that you don't go very far very fast so I was still fishing the same area when I noticed a flash in the water. It was far too bright for a fish turning so I moved closer to see what it was but I couldn't see it.

A minute or two later I saw it again but this time it was closer to me and I could see it was my popper. The pickerel must have spit it out, cool.

When I moved closer it disappeared again, it was still in the pickerel's mouth and when I got close it would dive but the floating lure would bring it back to the surface as soon as it relaxed.

I had a plastic worm on so I quickly put on another popper and cast over the pickerel and let it sit there until the pickerel surfaced again and then I slowly retrieved my popper. Once I reach the other popper I gave a quick yank on the rod and hooked the popper.

I was able retrieved them both poppers as well as the pickerel. I'll be he was glad to have the popper out of it's mouth and was no worse for ware when I released him back to the weeds.

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