The Joy of Fly Fishing in New Brunswick

The Joy of Fly Fishing in New Brunswick

The Garmin Water Proof Fish Finder Is On My Wish List

Posted: 06 Sep 2011 05:33 AM PDT

It's most annoying when you have a fish finder that gets a bit of water in it. It doesn't take much to fog up a display screen, not to mention other damage that could result from having water on the inside of your fish finder. I'm sure you've had a watch that water got into and remember how annoying it was when it fogged up.

As soon as the sun gets things warming up and hits your fish finder it will start to fog up the display screen. I was on a fly-in fishing trip to northern Quebec, out in the middle of no-where for a week when it fell in the water just as I was connecting it to the boat. Very frustrating, I grabbed it in less than a second. I don't think it even fully submerged but it still took in some water making it almost useless for our fishing trip.

After the first two days I felt like tossing the friggin' thing back into the water and leaving it there for the fish. Plus we were fishing lake trout and it's not usually sight fishing. You need a fish finder for those trips.

Well that was about 20 some years ago and fish finders have come a long ways. I still check to see if a fish finder I'm checking out says it's water proof. That's the first thing I look for now, no more spoiled trips that cost a lot of money.

At the moment I don't have a boat of my own but there may be one in our near future, as soon as my wife decides to retire so we can start traveling. There are a few brands I like in fish finders but today I'm looking at Garmin fish finders, water proof ones of course. Smile

I'm looking through Amazon for a Garmin fish finder because they often have some great deals on fish finders and other fishing related things.

The Garmin Fish Finder 400C 4-Inch Waterproof Fish-finder and Dual Frequency Transducer

My first fish finder was difficult to read but still allowed me to find so many more fish and places they hang out. Before that it was more a visual thing and I spent most of my time either fishing structure off the bank or trolling until I found structure. Usually meaning I would hang up on bottom. Today fish finders have come along way and show so much more detail.

The Garmin Fishfinder 400C is both affordable and has value for your investment like the great detail you get about the environment just below your feet.

Another feature I look for when checking out fish finders is how the fish display on the screen. How deep are they and what size are they? That the detail I'm looking for when looking at fish on the display.

The detail in the structure below my boat is important too. Are they weeds, fish, rocks what the heck is it down there? No problem for the Garmin fish finder.

When we are out fishing it can be important to know the water temperature like the Garmin 400C Fish Finder does to locate feeding fish. Knowing the depth and water temp can mean the difference between catching and just fishing.

Having a good fish finder like the Garmin fish finders helps you locate those active fish.

What a huge difference having a fish finder that has a colour display over those I've had in the past. So much more detailed information available on the display.

When we go out fishing for the day it's for the day and evening, usually. We start while it's still barely light and until it's just about dark. That's when the fish finder turns into a backlit display showing you what's under your boat.

Getting back home is important to us as we love our families and fishing so we want to return home safe and ready for another day on the water.

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