The Joy of Fly Fishing in New Brunswick

The Joy of Fly Fishing in New Brunswick

Fished Beautiful Meenan Cove With Casey

Posted: 16 Sep 2011 06:15 AM PDT

fishing-meenans-coveI love fishing new places but I am terrible at doing it on my own because I tend to return to places I have fished before and had good luck. So it’s great that I am blessed with fishing buddies, like Casey and Jamie who like checking out new places and don’t mind taking me along.

The other day Casey had to go to Rothsay, New Brunswick to meet up with a guy interested in a boat motor Casey was selling. Casey thought it would be a great opportunity to try a new place and wondered if I was interested.

We were there early enough that we got to checkout a few places for fishing supplies where I bought a couple of new perch pattern lures. We finished shopping for the day and headed to Costco in Rothsay where Casey was to meet the buyer.

There was a lot of fog but even so we were able to see Costco perched up on the hill. We met up with the guy and even stayed and chatted with him for a while so as not to appear rude. However I am sure he knew we were going fishing as Casey had the boat and trailor on the back of his van, so the guy said he should let us get to it and we said our goodbyes adn hit the road.

We were on the water and ready to head out for a day of fishing Meenan Cove, before 11am I believe.

Casey's Ready To Go, Don't Leave Without Me!!

Casey's Ready To Go, Don't Leave Without Me!!

The fog had lifted so that it was well above our heads but was still so thick it almost made it appear like it was dusk, yet it wasn’t even noon yet. There was no one else on the water that we could see. Lots of boat but they were all secured and empty.

I was blown away by the shore line and how huge the cliffs were. I think I was spending more time taking pictures than actually fishing. I would have to say that Meenan Cove is the most beautiful place I have ever fished.

Here is a shot that reminded me of some Asian images I have seen of mountains and hills in the distance.

foggy-meenan-coveMeenans Cove Scenery

We didn’t catch a lot of fish even though we saw a lot on the fishfinder. They just didn’t seem interested in what we were offering them. I went with the expectations of a wild day of fishing as it usually is in the late summer, early fall. We have been to enough places this year and had good days and not so good days, in the same places.

For that reason I won’t cross this place off my list. The potential is definitely there and we saw so much great water and weed areas. Definitely have to return and give it another try.

My wife, Jenny, is not a fisher, although when we first met she gave it her best shot, she just doesn’t have the fishing gene I guess. Anyways when I got home and showed her all the pictures I took at Meenans Cove she wanted to go there, just for the scenery.

beautiful-scenesA Foggy Day of Fishing At Meenans Cove Today

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