The Joy of Fly Fishing in New Brunswick

The Joy of Fly Fishing in New Brunswick

Fly Fishing Terms You Might Not Know

Posted: 06 Dec 2011 05:49 AM PST

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In the world of fly fishing there are many words that are good to know. Some of the fly fishing terms are a bit unusual or may mean something else to most who don’t fly fish. Here is a list of some of the more unusual and double meaning words utilised by fly fishers.

Action: an over-all term often accustomed to try to describe the design of the rod – such as sft, hard, slow, or fast

Attractor: usually a bright colored fly that’s not usually tied so it imitates a specific type of food

Belly: the sagging percentage of a fly fishing line

Blank: a rod with out a handle, reel seat, or guides

Blood Knot: the most popular name for a barrel knot

Chalk Stream: a stream, usually found in valleys, that is spring fed and slow moving with plenty of vegetation

Complex Hatch: the simultaneous hatching of countless types of type of insects

Compound Hatch: the masking, or hiding, of an hatch of smaller insects with a hatch of larger insects occurring on the same day

Cutthroat Trout: a genuine trout that is certainly found mostly inside the western the main United States

Dapping: a fly fishing technique in which the fly is repeatedly bounced off and on of the top of the water

Down Eye Hook: a hook which has the eye bent below the shaft

Dropper: the secondary fly which is attached to the leader inside a cast of flies

Emerger: a condition that is used to describe any insect that moves up towards water’s surface preparing to hatch in the adult stage

Feeding Lie: the place where a trout goes into order to actively feed

Flat-butt Leader: a fly utilized in fly fishing in which the butt section is actually created into a ribbon shape

Freestone Streams: quick, tumbling streams with rock covered bottoms

French Snap: a smaller clamp, often utilised by a fly fisherman to install his net to his vest

Holding Lie: when a trout generally remains you should definitely actively feeding

Leisenring Lift: an approach used in nymph fly fishing where the line is lifted, inducing the imitation fly to go upwards, in front from the trout’s suspected lie

Midge Rod: a short, light weight rod

Natural: – a full time income insect, in contrast to an artificial, or man-made, insect or fly

Nymphing: any oaf the different fishing methods of which the fly fisherman presents an imitation with the underwater stage of your insect

Presentation: the process of locating a fly the location where the fish is probably to see it; includes the way in which in which the cast in completed and the method in which the fly is fished

Rise: the action of the fish taking an insect from the water’s surface

Run: a condition used to describe a particular stretch of moving water

Shooting: a casting technique

Spate: high water

Stripping: quickly retrieving line or pulling line through the reel

Terrestrial: of or in relation to an insect whose life-cycle is completely spent on land or even in plants

Waders staff: a sturdy rod about of up to the armpit of the individual fly fishing used by support in heavy water

There are several words and terms which can be unfamiliar to many people but not to those who enjoy fishing.

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