The Joy of Fly Fishing in New Brunswick

The Joy of Fly Fishing in New Brunswick

Fishing Muskie With Casey At Mactiquac – The Arm

Posted: 01 Oct 2013 11:01 AM PDT

release a bassAfter a week of rain it was so nice to see and feel the sun again. I was also great to get out fishing with Casey. It's always a good day, even if the fishing is slow.

Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day, even a bit hot for the end of September but the skies were high and bright with zero clouds to block some of the sun. Made for a tough day of muskie fishing.

The little smallmouth bass in the top left images was the catch of the day. The only catch of the day actually and it was caught on the end of my rod so I got first fish of the day, biggest fish of the day as well as the most fish of the day.

We were trolling close enough to the shoreline that I was able to make some casts close to the bank and trees. I pulled a chain pickerel out of the weeds but then it stopped. All I got to see was his shape.

Casey had a nice fat smallmouth smack his bait and then jump out of the water. He hit the water and stayed on for about 4 seconds. It would have kicked my bass's ass.

So it wasn't much of a fish catching day but it sure was a purdy day.

Rivers of Fog

fogI don't care to drive through fog but I do love to see fog. Not sure why but I've liked it as long as I can remember.

Sunday was a foggy morning in the low lying areas but we didn't drive through any fog. The fog that was visible as we were driving was either off the road or above the road.

The fog in the image on the left was right across a bridge we drove under.

Below is a picture of the fog over the river as we drove past Oromocto. I never seem to get a shot up close of fog like this because we are usually included in the fog. Nice to see it over the river like that.

Fog on the River at Oromocto

Canada Geese Sounding Off In The Fog

canadagooseI looked down over the dam as we drove over it and there was no fog but above where the launch point was it was so foggy you couldn't see the other side.

There was no fog onshore and so quiet I'm sure we would have heard a bird fart. The quiet is always something is special in a world made up of so many noises.

I was taking a few more pictures and enjoying the silence when it was broken by a loud HONK and then another and another. Next a Canada goose came out of the fog. Ten seconds later a second goose emerged from the fog then another and finally a forth Canada goose came out of the fog. They were all spaced about 6 or 8 feet a part in single file.

I guess the honking was so they wouldn't loose touch with each other.

canada geese in the fog

It was only a few minutes and that towering cloud of fog just disappeared except for right along the shoreline where the tree were blocking the sun. Love casting into spots like this.


Saw a lot of scenery and a great day thanks to Casey and his trusty boat.

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